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    Coffee, Commodity for Sustainable Conservation


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, distributed approximately one million coffee seedlings sharing types to around 75 farmer groups around the Citarum River Basin, Cibeureum Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency, Thursday (10/01/19).

    The Indonesian Minister of Agriculture (Minister of Agriculture), Andi Amran Sulaeman, revealed that coffee plants experienced a high increase in production in 2018, reaching 3.5 to four tons per year.

    "The seed aid for the three million plan, this year is one million, next year one million, next one million, this is proof of the government's love for farmers, not a promise," said the Minister of Agriculture.

    Amran also stated that the coffee productivity figures in Indonesia are currently the same, even exceeding Vietnamese coffee production. Moreover, coffee has conservation benefits that are good for nature conservation.

    Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran also hopes that through the distribution of coffee seeds to farmer groups, it can further encourage increased coffee productivity, especially in the Greater Bandung area. Until the achievement of a sustainable environment, which also supports sustainable farmers' welfare.

    The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, supports the process of activities pursued by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. Uu said that the program was planned to provide broad benefits for the community.

    "In the mission of 'West Java Inner Born Champion,' agriculture is the number four priority. Because the agricultural area in West Java has tremendous potential," Uu said.

    At present the word Uu is a collaboration era, which prioritizes togetherness in working towards success.

    So that collaboration between Farmers, District Government, Province, and the center, along with all relevant parties, is expected to be a separate force in achieving the expected targets.

    While the Regent of Bandung, Dadang M Naser said, the Kertasari Subdistrict area was originally a quinine plantation, but in recent years the land has been converted into vegetable crops, especially in the Citarum watershed.

    As a result, prone landslides in the upstream region of Citarum and flooding often occur in the South Bandung region, due to land conversion.

    "It is time for the Kertasari community to be kind to nature, one of them is by planting coffee," he said.

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