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    For the Mapping of Agricultural Areas, West Java Collaborates with the Geospatial Information Agency


    BANDUNG - The results of the central government survey data related to agricultural green areas in West Java indicate that West Java's agricultural land area has changed, not in accordance with the objective conditions in the field. To that end, the West Java Provincial Government continues to speed up efforts to synchronize data with existing maps, one of which is through cooperation with the Geospatial Information Agency, which was formerly called the Survey Coordinating Board and National mapping (Bakosurtanal).

    West Java Provincial Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa revealed this after the plenary meeting of the Regional Spatial Coordination Team (TKPRD), at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (9/1/19). Iwa said, the change in the area of ??agricultural areas must continue to be synchronized to the village level, in order to get the right and accountable figures.

    "In accordance with the data from the central government in October, this also has implications for the rice production plan, so the results of the survey concluded that there are a number of broad farms that change with objective conditions in the field. This change certainly has to be broken down to the village level, "said Iwa, met after the plenary meeting.

    "Alhamdulillah, we have collaborated with those who do have Tupoksi there, the Geospatial Information Agency which used to be Bakosurtanal. So all the data is in accordance with the central, provincial and regency / city level, so that people will be able to know where to invest in livestock, agriculture and so on. And this will also be able to be accessed digitally, we will try, "he explained.

    Mentioned regarding the exact number of broad changes in question, Iwa said that as a form of caution for misinformation, he could not yet mention the change before the data collection was completed. Therefore, Iwa assigned his staff to coordinate the implementation of the mapping.

    "Because the data has not yet specifically appeared, so this needs to be synchronized. We will be very careful when there are conversions that will cause technical information to later occur. I have not been able to convey because that is what makes the debate quite tough, and it is indeed very important for West Java, "said Iwa.

    "I have assigned the Head of Bappeda to coordinate all relevant OPD heads, especially for rice fields, wide for gardens, and also for agriculture. So that the pattern of utilization will be clear later, "he said.

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