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    Patimban Port Progress Stage 1 Reaches 13%


    SUBANG-Progress of Patimban port for phase 1, container terminal has reached 13 percent. The terminal area targeted for completion in December 2019 is 420 meters x 300 meters (13 hectares) of the total area of ??the 4320 meter terminal.

    Indonesia Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil together with Embassy of Japan chief de mission Ono Keiji, directly looked at the Patimban project location to ensure that the development went on schedule.

    "Today we want to ensure that the Patimban project has started because it is very strategic and we will report it to the President. So far there are no obstacles and according to schedule," said Budi Karya Minister of Transportation at Agung Patimban Pier on Wednesday (01/09/19).

    Budi said that the plan for Patimban Port would have a capacity of 7.5 million Teus to match the Tanjung Priuk Port. If Patimban is completed in 2027, 50 percent of the activities at Tanjung Priuk will switch to Patimban.

    "It is planned that the capacity of 7 million Teus will be the same as Tanjung Priok," he said.

    Budi is optimistic, the presence of Patimban is safe to provide new economic growth and able to reduce logistics prices.

    "We believe this will provide new economic growth and the most important thing is to put forward the logistics prices that we continue to be efficient," he said.

    To access the road itself in the near future, access to the arterial road and Cipali toll road will be built.

    "In the short term there are access roads to arteries and toll roads," said Budi.

    For this reason, he appreciated the West Java Provincial Government and Subang Regency Government for assisting in land acquisition.

    "Thanks to the West Java and Subang Provincial Government for their extraordinary support," said Budi.

    In the same place, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil revealed, currently there are 32 National Strategic Projects (PSN) built in West Java, one of them is the Patimban Port. This indicates West Java as a strategic province in Indonesia.

    "This means that the center's attention to West Java is extraordinary, one of them is Patimban and indicates West Java is a strategic province in Indonesia. Our economic growth is stable at 5.3% above the national average," he said.

    Emil, the Governor's greeting, hopes that the community in particular Subang will continue to support this development, because in the future the northern region of West Java will become a center for sophisticated and futuristic economic growth.

    "The most sophisticated and futuristic region in the future is in this region, not in Bandung because I have calculated that the presence of BIJB, Cirebon Port and Patimban is a golden triangle, the economy will develop. time for our grandchildren, "Emil said.

    For smoothness, he will periodically monitor the Patimban project built by Japanese investors.

    "I hope this will be smooth. If the Japanese are very careful and I believe. Every time I will regularly review it, I don't have to be ceremonial. I will coordinate with the Bupati," he said.

    "If it is finished, it will be the most sophisticated in the world so that it becomes the pride of Subang, West Java and Indonesia," Emil added.

    Meanwhile, Chief de Mission of the Embassy of Japan Ono Keiji representing the investors said Patimban was a symbolic project that had been agreed between President Joko Widodo and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This collaboration marks a 60-year friendly relationship between the two countries.

    "We hope that we can contribute greatly to improving the investment and export climate. We hope that it can also contribute to further economic growth in Indonesia," said Ono.

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