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    2024, Defense Equipment is Getting Ready


    BANDUNG - Head of the Ministry of Defense Kabaranahan Rear Admiral TNI Agus Setiadji said currently the need for airplanes, especially helicopters, is still quite large, to meet the minimum national defense equipment standards.

    "To reach the basic needs of defense equipment there are still many. For assault helicopters there are at least 40, now we can only 9. Gradually we will fulfill it until 2024, "he said after signing a cooperation contract to purchase helicopters at PT DI on Wednesday (01/09/2018).

    According to him, the procurement of the latest aircraft will strengthen TNI defense equipment, at least to fulfill the basic needs of helicopter aircraft. Alutsista needs are expected to be fulfilled by domestic industries in this case PT DI.

    "Procurement of new aircraft is preferred to replace the aircraft that are old," he explained.

    Especially for the purchase of helicopters on procurement in 2015-2019, Ministry of Defense poured funds around USD 330 million for Cougar helicopters, while for those Bell helicopters around USD183 million.

    PT DI President Director Elfien Goentoro said that he was prepared to meet the procurement of aircraft for the TNI. "A year we can make 10 units, the second year is also like that, so it will be submitted in stages," he said. jo

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