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    West Java Provincial Government Teams Up with Scouts in These Three Programs


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government collaborates with the Regional Quartir (Kwarda) of West Java scouts on three programs, namely disaster, digital village and Citarum Harum.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after opening and giving direction at the Regional Working Meeting (Rakerda) of the West Java scout movement said, from all elements of society, scouting was the most structured organization, the most number of members and the most disciplined.

    "This scout from all elements of society is the most structured organization, the most number of members and discipline," said the Governor, in the hall of the secretariat office of Kwarda Pramuka Jabar, Cikutra, Bandung, Saturday (05/01/19).

    On the other hand, continued the Governor, the West Java Provincial Government has the disadvantage of having many programs but limited human resources. For this reason, his party will synchronize these needs by asking West Java scouts to contribute to the success of the 3 programs.

    "We will ask Kwarda West Java scouts to help us in three programs," said Emil, the Governor's greeting.

    For the disaster program, Emil explained that every year in West Java there are more than a thousand natural disasters. He hopes that scout members who have special abilities will also help and coordinate with BPBD.

    "We need fast-moving personnel, rescue skills, technology, posse and others, scouts have that," Emil said.

    Second, namely the Harum Citarum program, where within the next 5 years Governor Emil wants a massive movement in educating the public. Furthermore, West Java scouts will be involved in developing the village through a digital village program. They will become admin in one of the digital villages or be encouraged to become entrepreneurs.

    Emil is optimistic that the involvement of scouts in the 3 programs will succeed and can become a national pilot.

    "If successful in these 3 aspects, West Java will become a national example because it turns out that state programs can be successful by scouts who are increasingly relevant, so people finally judge that scouts are very much needed and I will support scouts as well," Emil said.

    Responding to that, the chairman of Kwarda Scout Jabar Dede Yusuf Macan Efendi said, as the West Java scout government partner was ready to run what was assigned by the government. Moreover, Governor Emil himself is the Regional Council of Trustees (Mabida) of West Java scouts.

    "We will run all the challenges for Mr. Governor because basically we are government partners," said Dede.

    With the request, he will immediately instruct the branch offices in 27 cities / regencies to contribute to and succeed in government programs.

    "With this instruction, we will spread it to the regions, meaning that the Regents and Mayors as their respective regional advisory boards can also contribute to backing up the Scout Kwartir so that they can move towards solving problems," Dede explained.

    The three programs, said Dede, will begin working in January.

    "We will move the three challenges starting this January," he said.

    Especially for the disaster program, Dede said, so far his party has had a special disaster rescue team. They have been moved to various disaster areas such as Lombok, Palu and Banten.

    "With this challenge from the governor's pack, we will increase personnel by 2 times," he said.

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