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    Ridwan Kamil: Leaders Must Have Dreams, Problem Solver & Innovation


    BANDUNG-Requirements to be a leader must have a vision or dream, as a problem solver or problem solver, and innovative. These three conditions were conveyed by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to the heads of West Java Intra-School Student Organizations (OSIS) at the regional OSIS forum, in Ki Hadjar Dewantara Hall, West Java Education Office, Saturday (05/01/19).

    Vision, according to Emil, the Governor's greeting, must be owned by a leader. Likewise for the student council president, the vision cannot be the same as the previous chairman. Emil's own vision as a Governor wants to make West Java the best tourism province, a digital province and innovative with a spirit of inner and outer spirit sentences.

    "A leader must have a vision or dream, do not continue the previous leadership but for a new dream. Why is this nation independent because Bung Karno had a dream, said Emil to 260 OSIS chairmen present.

    The leader must also be a problem solver by intervening directly in solving problems in the field.

    "Today's leaders must intervene rather than hand pointing and finally they have to be innovative, namely having different ways in any way," he explained.

    In the OSIS forum with the theme "A good leader is the example form the best character", Emil also entrusted about leadership values ??so that students become role models in their schools. That is the value of knowledge, truth, faith and health.

    In 2045 Indonesia will experience a demographic bonus which is predicted to become the strongest country in the world in the economy. For this reason Emil asked the students today to prepare it because in the next 26 years they will become leaders in their respective regions.

    "I say that the provision is to be a visionary, competitive leader, this is our investment so that we have a stock of future leaders who are equipped with the wisdom in our generation now," Emil explained.

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