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    Community Interests to Keep Passports is High, Immigration Prepares Sympathetic Program


    BANDUNG - Queues of people who want to make a passport at the Class 1 in Immigration Office Bandung, West Java, remain high. Coinciding with the 69th Immigration Day, Immigration opened a weekend passport.

    Like monitoring on Jalan Surapati, Bandung, since Saturday (01/05/2018) in the early hours of the morning, people have been waiting for the queue number in front of the entrance to the immigration office. This sympathetic passport program is given only to the first 100 numbers every day. This program is only valid every Saturday during January 2019.

    Actually, making a passport can be done through an online system, but specifically this program is done manually or directly to the Immigration office.

    "I came at 5 o'clock, finished at dawn. But when I arrived at the gate, there were many waiting," said one of the residents who joined in the queue. He is lucky to be in the number 100 queue.

    In monitoring, there were still many community members who did not get the queue, and urged that the service be carried out. But because the queuing quota was only 100 people, the security officers suggested returning again next Saturday.

    For information, the passport-making program in the framework of the 69th Immigration Anniversary is held on Saturday, 5, 12 and 19 January. For people who want to make a passport or extend, to be able to complete the requirements, among others, ID card, family card and original birth certificate and copy of the photo. Jo

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