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    Governor Rotates Some Echelon 2 Officials


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurated echelon 2 officials within the West Java Provincial Government. The inauguration of a number of 24 officials was held on Friday afternoon (01/04/2019) at Gedung Sate Bandung. In his inaugural address Kang Emil advised at least three important things to officials.

    "The first thing I entrusted was becoming a leader or an official who wanted to intervene instead of pointing hands. Both positions were tests, therefore keep learning to pass the exam, and the third increase professionalism," he said.

    Especially in facing the 2019 political year, Kang Emil also warned that officials should not play politics, because it was feared they would reap problems later on.

    "There are only two political beings in the West Java Provincial Government, namely the governor and deputy governor while the others are professional bureaucrats," he said.

    Some of the rotated officials included Hening Widiatmoko, who was formerly the Head of Information and Communication Agency, now Head of Bapenda Jabar, Dewi Sartika, who was previously Head of the Food and Livestock Security Agency as Head of the Education Office, Yerry Yanuar, who at the time was head of the BKD.

    Complete list of names of echelon 2 officials in the West Java Provincial Government who were appointed on January 4, 2019:
    1. Dr. Ir. H. Yerry Yanuar, MM., From Head of Bappeda to Head of BKD;
    2. Dr. Ir. H. M. Taufiq Budi Santoso, M. Soc. Sc., From the Head of the Regional Secretariat to become the Head of Bappeda;
    3. H. Riadi, SKM., MPH, from the Head of the General Bureau to become the Head of Dispusipda;
    4. Dr. Hening Widiatmoko, MA., From the Head of Diskominfo became Head of Bapenda;
    5. Dr. Ir. Ferry Sofwan Arif M.Sc., from the Head of the Manpower Office as Inspector of the Inspectorate;
    6. Dr. H. Muhamad Solihin M.Sc., from Inspector Inspectorate to Head of BPSDM;
    7. Dr. H. Herri Hudaya M.Sc., from the Head of BPSDM to be the Head of Bakesbang;
    8. Ir. H. Toto Mohamad Toha M.Ag., from the Head of BKPP Wil II being the Secretary of the DPRD Secretariat;
    9. Drs. H. Daud Achmad, from the Secretary of the DPRD Secretariat to become the Regional Legal Assistant
    10. Heri Suherman, S.H., from the KPU Secretary to become the Head of Disdukcapil;
    11. Dr. H. Dudi Sudrajat Abdurachim M.T., from the Head of the Office of Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises to the Assistant of the Administrative Region
    12. Ir. H. Koesmayadi Tatang Padmadinata, from the Regional Assistant to become the Head of DKPP;
    13. Dr. Ir. Hj. Dewi Sartika M.Sc., from the Head of DKPP to become Head of Disdik;
    14. Dr. R. Haryadi Wargadibrata Drs. M.Sc, from the Head of Social Service Office to become Head of Satpol PP;
    15. Dr. H. Dodo Suhendar MM., From Head of Diskes to Head of Dissos;
    16. Dr. Ir. Supriyatno MM., From the Head of the ESDM Office to become the Head of BPBD;
    17. Dr. Ir. H. Dicky Saromi M.Sc., from the Head of BPBD to be the Head of Disperkim;
    18. Ir. Bambang Rianto M.Sc., from the Head of Disperkim being the Head of DLH;
    19. Ir. Epi Kustiawan M.P., from the Head of the Dalbang Bureau became Head of Forestry Service;
    20. Ir. Budi Susatijo, from the Head of Forestry Office to the Head of BP2D;
    21. Drs. Agus Hanafi BBA, from the Head of the DPMD to become the Governor's Expert Staff;
    22. Dr. Ir. H. Ahmad Hadadi, M.Sc., from the Head of Disdik to become the Expert Staff of the Governor;
    23. Drs. H. Dady Iskandar, MM., From Regional Assistant 1 to become Governor's Expert Staff;
    24. Ir. Dody Firman Nugraha, from the Governor's Expert Staff to the Head of Disbun.

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