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    Promoting the Al-Qur'an Reading and Writing Movement, a New Task for the Mother of Literacy


    BANDUNG- Four Mothers of Literacy was officially inaugurated by the West Java Literacy Mother Atalia Praratya, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (3/1/19). The four Literacy Mothers are for Bogor Regency, Subang Regency, Majalengka Regency, and Banjar City.

    Atalia revealed, the task of the Mother of Literacy is now increasing. It does not only boost reading and writing interest in Latin script, but also read and write the Qur'an. This, he said, is a manifestation of the contribution of the Mother of Literacy in the success of the West Java Champion and Inner Champion program.

    "At present, how the government programs entrusted by the Governor and Deputy Governor are related to how literacy is raised more strongly in the community, not only with Latin letters, but also reading the Qur'an," Atalia said after the event.

    "This has become a homework for all of us, and it has become a commitment for all of us administrators in the West Java region, to implement the programs as well as possible," he continued.

    Even so with the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, who was also present at the event. He advised the Mother of Literacy to be able to encourage the ability of the West Java community, which is predominantly Muslim, to improve the ability to read and write the Qur'an.

    For Uu, the existence of the Mother of Literacy is part of the West Java Provincial Government's effort to increase people's reading interest which is still low. He wanted the figure of Mother of Literacy to be the main educator who was able to motivate his environment in making reading and writing a culture.

    "To the Mother of Literacy, our hope is not only to focus on textual reading, but also contextually must be able to be given to the community, especially in the socio-political and social context," said Uu.

    "Not only language, or latent writing, but also the movement to read the Koran must also be encouraged, if necessary, it should be encouraged, so that people not only read Romans but also were able to read the Qur'an, encouraged by Mother of Literacy," he said.

    The inauguration of the Mother of Literacy was a series together with the inauguration of the Chairperson of the PKK Driving Team and Chair of the Dekranasda for Bogor District, Subang Regency, Majalengka Regency, Tasikmalaya Regency, Kuningan Regency, Banjar Regency and Cirebon City.

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