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    Ridwan Kamil Appreciated All Community Elements in Handling Citarum


    BANDUNG - Responding to some comments from environmental activist Citarum Harum, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that he actually appreciated all elements of the community who had been involved from the start, including activists from Citarum, artists, academics and the TNI in the biggest river handling program in West Java.

    "The Citarum has made a lot of progress, by stakeholders, the parties. We appreciate everything, especially the TNI. With the presence of the TNI, the progress of the Citarum is extraordinary. So it's not right, if it's not appreciated. I appreciate on various occasions, in speeches I always praise, "he said, in Bandung on Thursday (3/1/19).

    Emil, his nickname, then explained the results of evaluating the budget during a meeting with the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs that it was known that there were program budgeting and Harum Citarum activities that were less coordinated. "There has been progress, but there are still problems, we cannot close our eyes. The evaluation results in Kemenkomaritim found a lack of coherence in budgeting, not about roles, "said Emil.

    "What effect? they work individually, especially these government agencies resulting in no synchronization. Mr. Luhut ask why? because there is no conductor who regulates, there is no one who regulates what to do, whether it is tight or cramped, there is no pattern, "Emil added.

    This is what underlies the Dansatgas Citarum, namely the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, to build a cross-element team whose legal umbrella will be made at the Citarum Task Force and the Working Group on Citarum River Pollution and Damage Control.

    That is why in the Perpres, according to Emil, Dansatgas (governor) was tasked with clearing it up, with the aim that in 2019 the compact would be repaired. "There was an event, first forming a Citarum command center, making a special room. meeting there, make decisions there, not alone anymore, "Emil said.

    Secondly, according to Emil the budget must also be coordinated, not to have an impact on one party as a result of the compactness.

    "What I mean so far is not about money or science, but leadership matters at the right level of budgeting. So as a result we don't know, what department is doing what, what impact, there is no size. That is what I mean by the compactness, "Emil explained.

    Meanwhile Secretary of the West Java Environment Agency (DLH), Prima Mayaningtias, who also serves as Deputy Executive Secretary of the Citarum Task Force said that Kepgub no 614 / Kep.1303-DLH / 2018 was issued on 12 December 2018 regarding the Secretariat of the Citarum Task Force and Working Group on Citarum River Pollution and Damage Control.

    "This is a joint commitment step to realize the synergy and togetherness of all components to jointly realize Citarum Harum," Prima said to the West Java Public Relations Team on Thursday (3/1/19).


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