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    To Pangandaran, Now You can Use The Train


    BANDUNG - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or KAI launched the Pangandaran Train relation between Gambir Station - Bandung - Banjar (PP) and Bandung - Banjar (Pp) at Banjar Station, Wednesday (2/1). PT KAI President Director Edi Sukmoro conveyed the new train operational plan when he stopped at Bandung Station.

    A Pangandaran train series consists of four executive train units and four premium economy train units with a total capacity of 520 seats. For a distance of about 28.8 Km between Jakarta - Banjar, this train will take around 8 hours, and from Bandung to Banjar with a distance of 155.8 km, it takes around 4 hours 30 minutes.

    The launch of the Pangandaran train itself was carried out by the Director of KAI Edi Sukmoro at Banjar Station, West Java.

    "We launched this train to increase tourism to Pangandaran, as well as to mobilize people and goods to be faster and cheaper," he said at the Bandung Station.

    The train launching was also witnessed by the Deputy Governor of West Java, PT KAI's Board of Commissioners, Mayor of Banjar, Regent Pangandaran, Head of West Java Railway Engineering Office, West Java Provincial Chamber of Commerce, CEO of BNI Bandung, Dirpamobvit West Java Regional Police, Banjar Police Chief, Dandim 0613 Ciamis and Ciamis Deputy Police Chief, as well as other invitations

    The name of this train is taken from the name of the area full of tourism potential which is directly adjacent to the Regency of Banjar, namely Pangandaran. Some tours in Pangandaran Regency include Pangandaran Beach, Batu Karas Beach, Green Canyon, and so on. jo

    Following is the Pangandaran Railway Schedule

    1.KA 12410 Gambir Relations - Bandung - Banjar: depart Gambir at 07.50 WIB, came Bandung at 11.07 WIB, departed Bandung at noon 11.40 and arrived at Banjar at 15:15 p.m. WIB.

    2.KA 12379 Banjar Relations - Bandung: depart Banjar pk. 16.20 WIB, come Bandung at 20.34 WIB.

    3.KA 12412 Relation Bandung - Banjar: departing Bandung pk. 09.10 WIB, come Banjar at 13.03 WIB.

    4.KA 12377 Banjar -Bandung Relations - Gambir: depart Banjar pk. 13.55 WIB, arrived in Bandung at 18.34 WIB, departing Bandung at noon 19:05 WIB, and arrived at Gambir at 22.34 WIB.

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