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    The First Step of Reactivation, Pangandaran Train is Launched


    BANJAR-Pangandaran Regency has great potential to become a leading tourism in West Java. So, as often the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, expressed on various occasions, one of the efforts is to make the tourism area increasingly "alive", namely by increasing and facilitating accessibility to the area.

    Correspondingly, the Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum inaugurated the operation of the Pangandaran Railway (Railroad), the relation of Banjar - Bandung - Gambir (PP), at Banjar Station, Wednesday (02/01/19).

    "We are with Kang Emil in the framework of West Java Inner Born Champion, have a plan to improve rail transportation," said Uu.

    The Deputy Governor of Uu called the Pangandaran train a new year gift for the community. With affordable prices, continued Uu, Pangandaran Railway is of course a mass-free, convenient transportation mode, and time discipline.

    Especially for Pangandaran Railway, Uu also requested that promotions be carried out intensely. So that many prospective passengers take advantage of this service.

    "I am proud of the collaboration between PT KAI and the West Java Provincial Government," he said.

    "Because, mass transportation modes are modern, but at the same time historic, and affordable by many layers of society, that is Railway," said Deputy Governor Uu.

    With a capacity of 520 seats, this train has two services, namely the Executive class of four cars, and the Premium economy class as well as four cars.

    Pangandaran Train Reservations can be ordered directly through the KAI Access application, kai.id page, Contact Center 121, station counters and all KAI official ticket sales partners.

    Even now, PT KAI is holding a Pangandaran Railway ticket ticket promo Gambir - Banjar (PP) relationship starting at Rp110 thousand for Premium economy class, and Rp160 thousand for the executive class.

    While for Bandung-Banjar (PP) relations, a Rp1 fee will be charged with terms and conditions; a) The purchase of Rp1 tickets through counters is free of charge, b) Rp1 ticket purchases through KAI Access and KAI Website are not subject to message fees, c) Purchase of Rp1 tickets through external channels is subject to message fees according to the policies of each channel, and d) Rp1 Ticket purchases cannot be done at Ticket Vending Machine.

    With the service of "single ticketing," passengers only need to order one ticket to enjoy the Pangandaran and Continued Transport services. Advanced Transportation itself is managed by a subsidiary of KAI, namely PT KA Pariwisata.

    The scheduled departure from Gambir Station is 07.50 WIB. While the departure of the train from Banjar Station is 13.55 WIB. With this easy access, people can reach Pangandaran Beach, Batu Karas Beach, Green Canyon, and other tourist locations more comfortably, easily and cheaply.

    Regent Pangandaran Jeje Wiradinata, called this day a historical moment for him. The presence of the Pangandaran Railway was the right first step to start reactivating the railway line to Pangandaran Regency.

    "This also treats our disappointment that in the new year yesterday it was quite quiet. But today the train with a special name was launched, namely Pangandaran Railway," Jeje said.

    With the name Pangandaran Train, it will be increasingly promoted in various tourism potentials in Pangandaran Regency.

    "Yesterday there was a Budiman bus, there was a Susi Air plane, now there is a train. It only needs connecting, Banjar-Pangandaran. This is a sign that Pangandaran's happiness will be more advanced.

    Jeje also asked PT KAI to branding railroad cars with the theme of Pangandaran beach, so as to attract more attention for passengers to come to Pangandaran.

    Mayor of Banjar Ade Uu Sukaesih seemed to be given a gift with the launch of the Pangandaran Train. He was very confident, with various breakthroughs of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java, all regions in West Java could rise and progress.

    "This is a form of public service that facilitates the public," said Ade Uu.

    "God willing, we will continue to socialize this Pangandaran Railway," he added.

    Ade Uu was enthusiastically determined, that his party was assisted by the ranks of the TNI / Polri, with a target of six months ready to restore the railway access point to Pangandaran in his area.

    KAI President Director Edi Sukmoro said that the operation of the Pangandaran train was one of KAI's support for the Wonderful Indonesia tourism program and Pesona Indonesia in increasing community accessibility from Jakarta, Bandung to the areas of Garut, Tasikmalaya, Banjar and Pangandaran. So that, it can encourage the growth of the tourism, cultural and economic sectors in West Java.

    After the promo period was over, Edi said the tariff would adjust the upper and lower limit rates determined by the government

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