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    2019, Emil Will "Accelerate" Fulfilling Promises


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil invited all West Java residents to welcome the new year 2019 with full of optimism. The optimistic attitude will also be shown by the Governor by "shooting" or speeding up more than 40 strategic projects in West Java Province in 2019.

    Emil, the Governor calls, said that the 40 projects that will be carried out include infrastructure development and revitalization of tourist areas in West Java.

    "Hopefully in 2019 we will focus to build, fulfill promises, serve the community to develop West Java which is" Baldatun Toyyibatun Warobbun Ghofur. "I also hope that West Java will be kept away from distress," said Governor Emil, at the Muhasabah event and Year-End Reflections, held by the Republika Daily, at the West Java Islamic Da'wah Center (Pusdai), Dipenogoro Street, Bandung, Monday (31/12/18) night.

    The several projects that will be "accelerated" include, revitalization of Kalimalang, Darma Reservoir, Pangandaran Beach, Situ Bagendit, Situ Ciburuy, Gunung Padang and the construction of squares in Cirebon, Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, and Sukabumi.

    "Hopefully we will meet again in December 2019 all the changes promised during the Insyaallah campaign all lead to maximum results. Starting with smooth roads, tourism, character education, independent villages and all kinds of things. All dimensions we touch include the religious dimension with the program. And this is face West Java that we must guard as the most innovative Province in Indonesia, "Emil said.

    "We hope the smooth development, I order not to fight, starting with thoughts, verbal, written, so that the choice in April will be free, because it is the right of each, but do not interfere with our ukuwah Islamiyah," he hoped.

    The End of Year Muhasabah activity, said Emil, is one of the most useful annual agendas. He also appealed to residents not to celebrate the yearly turnover night excessively. Because according to him, this new year's eve is better filled with contemplation as self-reflection for the presence of a more qualified person.

    "This year there were many disasters, calamities, this year there was a tsunami in several locations. I appealed to the people of West Java to reduce the celebration too much," Emil said.

    At the End of Year Muhasabah activity at Pusdai this time, it was filled with lectures and lectures from Ustadz Tengku Maulana and Ustaz Budi Prayitno. On this occasion, there were also booths and services that could be utilized by worshipers.

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