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    Secretary Iwa Inaugurated 231 Functional Officials of West Java Regional Government


    BANDUNG - At the end of 2018, West Java Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa appointed 231 functional officials within the West Java Provincial Government, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (12/31/18).

    The 231 functional officials inaugurated consisted of 209 teachers, 2 researchers, 2 doctors, 1 nurse, 2 planners, 1 archivist, 2 Supervisors for Administration of Regional Government Affairs (P2UPD), 1 auditor, 4 feed quality control person, 1 veterinary medical person, 3 social workers, 2 computer administrators, and 1 lecturer.

    Secretary Iwa said, this inauguration was one of the accelerating and normative steps in realizing the West Java provincial government which was a champion of inner and outer hearts. According to him, in addition to being able to contribute according to their main tasks and functions, this inauguration was also so that the personnel appointed could get their rights as functional officials.

    "We carry out the accelerating and normative steps, that the officials who have the functional decree are immediately inaugurated," Iwa said after the inauguration.

    "First, so that he will immediately 'withdraw' to carry out his main duties and functions, the two concerned get the right to be functional officials," he explained.

    Symbolically, the inauguration was represented by Sapti Marni as the Young Expert Social Worker at the Social Service Office of West Java Province and Endjang Naffandy as the Main Expert Lecturer at the Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) of West Java Province.

    "Pak Endjang has a career in structural, most recently as Head of West Java PP Satpol, and he is trusted to continue his duties as a lecturer until the age of 65 years," said Iwa.

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