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    Appreciation of Santri, Vice Governor of West Java Gives MQK Prizes


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum gave awards and prizes to the santri who won the 2018 West Java Polar Musabaqatil (MQK) competition on the Gedung Sate Bandung page on Monday (12/31/18).

    "This is a form of our appreciation and recognition to santri especially those in the villages. Why is it given just now because it is related to administration because of the source of funds from the APBD," said Deputy Governor Uu.

    The first MQK and the series of national santri days were held from 10-13 December 2018. MQK participants were santri from pesantren in 27 regencies / cities in West Java. There are three categories that are contested, namely the Polar Tilawatil Musabaqah, the Hafidzul Kutub, and the Indonesian Speech.

    The first winner received a coaching fund of Rp 20 million, an Umrah package and one unit of four-wheeled vehicles, won by the men's category namely Asep Ahmad Syahrudin from Al Hikmah Islamic Boarding School in Bandung Regency. The female category was by Syifa Rahmad from the Miftahul Huda Islamic Boarding School in Tasikmalaya Regency. The second winner received coaching money of Rp. 15 million and a three-wheeled motorbike was won by Farhan Dimyati from the Anida Al Islamy Islamic Boarding School in Bekasi City and Hafsah Khoerunnisa from the Assafir PPS in Bandung City. While the third place winner received Rp. 10 million and two-wheeled motorbikes were won by Mohammad Fikri from Al Masturiyyah Islamic Boarding School, Sukabumi Regency and Zahra Davina Aulia from Al Tadzkir Islamic Boarding School, Majalengka Regency.

    The Vice Governor hopes that with the MQK activities accelerating West Java's vision and mission, especially the inner champions will be achieved. It is not only physical development or infrastructure that is his priority but also builds the inner HR of West Java.

    "We not only want to build a great infrastructure but want to help it too. This MQK is an acceleration of West Java's vision and mission, especially the inner champions achieved," he said.

    In addition, MQK activities also aim to build emotional relationships between fellow Islamic boarding schools in West Java. The Deputy Governor said, next year MQK will be held again by adding more contested categories, prizes and participants.

    "The implementation of MQK next year will be more developed," said Uu.

    One of the first MQK winners, Asep Ahmad Syahrudin claimed to be grateful, the West Java Provincial Government in collaboration with the West Java Regional Office of Religion was able to hold the MQK as a tribute to the santri. He hopes that MQK will be held regularly every year.

    "Hopefully MQK will be held every year, God willing, we from the pesantren will prepare their students more optimally by adding to the quality of their learning," he hoped.

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