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    Fajr Congregation, Competitive Outer and Inner


    West Java Governor KBB Ridwan Kamil, carrying out the Fajr Prayer Around in congregation, at Al Irsyad Mosque, Baru Parahyangan, West Bandung Regency, Sunday (12/30/18).

    Al Irsyad Kota Baru Parahyangan Mosque itself, is the architectural work of Governor Ridwan Kamil, which was built since September 7, 2009, and was completed and was inaugurated on August 27, 2010.

    As a center for community activities, the Governor revealed that mosques are a means of forming characters, a means of building and developing various aspects, including muamalah worship that has social dimensions.

    So Subuh Mobile, or abbreviated as Subling, became one of the many keumatan programs during the leadership of Governor Ridwan Kamil, to activate the Mosque as the center of activity for the people in question. This is in accordance with the development mission "West Java Born and Inner Champion."

    "The champion means that we have to be a competitive nation. A competitive nation, the children must be smarter than their parents, must be healthier, and be more pious and sole of their parents," said the Governor.

    Emil, the governor used to be called, also had time to tell about his experience living abroad for approximately seven years. Emil has lived in a number of countries such as the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and others.

    According to him Emil, these countries are advancing, or able to "win" in intellectual, technological, and infrastructure terms, but lose moral and social values.

    Therefore, Governor Emil invites West Javanese people to be grateful for the various blessings and guidance given by Allah SWT, so that moral values ??and social societies are still owned by the Indonesian people in general. Just how to harmonize physical achievement, infrastructure, with the advancement of human moral resources.

    "So how do we engineer the future to pursue" Baldatun Thayyibatun Wa Rabbun Ghafur ", which is a safe, peaceful, prosperous country that is the dream of all people," said Emil.

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