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    17 Programs Begin Optimism Development in 100 Working Days


    BANDUNG - The leadership of the pair of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and Deputy Governor of Uu Ruzhanul Ulum have entered their 100th day since being installed on September 5, 2018. In the current politics of democracy there is a new tradition which is actually not in the rules of the 100-day work program.

    In the West Java Provincial Government's routine program, West Java Got Information (Japri), which this time raised the theme of exposure and 100-day work exhibition, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that in 3 months 17 leadership programs had been carried out as part of optimism to build West Java.

    "100 days have been completed, we have shown 17 programs as fragments of optimism," said the governor, who was accompanied by Deputy Governor of Uu Ruzhanul Ulum and Atalia Praratya, in Gedung Sate, Friday (12/28/18).

    However, according to Emil, as he is familiar, his success cannot be measured in a period of 100 days. But at least West Java people can see that they are serious about bringing change with innovation and collaboration.

    "This is frankly not easy because what is shown as promises when the campaign can be completed within 100 days of development is a procedure that is planned, budgeted, executed and evaluated. All those sentences need at least one year. But at least West Java people can see that we seriously bring change in a new way, "Emil said.

    17 programs that have now been run even among them have been used as demonstrations in Indonesia, namely, West Java Quick Response, Champion Ulama, One Village One Hafidz, Nursing Court, Ngabring ka Sakola, Mesra Credit, Jabar Masagi, Jabar Saber Hoaks, Digital Village, One Pesantren One Product , Maghrib Mengaji, Street Library Kolecer - Candil, Sekoper Cinta, Gurilaps.com, One Village One Company and tourism bus grants. Finally the Kopdar GWPP (Coordination of Implementation of Public Government in the Framework of the Governor As the Deputy of the Central Government) as a venue for coordination and friendship with the regent of mayors throughout West Java.

    "The 17 programs are new things to improve the situation in a new way," Emil said. The public can get the information also at https://100hari.jabarprov.go.id.

    Furthermore, for the development program in 2019 there will be 40 strategic projects focused on tourism and infrastructure. But Emil said, all dimensions of life were also touched such as character education, independent villages, health including religion.

    "Later in December 2019 all the changes promised during the campaign Hopefully it will lead to maximum results ranging from smooth roads, tourism, character education, independent villages and all dimensions we touch, including religion. This is the face of West Java that we must guard as the most innovative province in Indonesia , "he said.

    The 40 strategic projects to be launched in early 2019 include the revitalization of Kalimalang, Darma Reservoir, Pangandaran Beach, Situ Bagendit, Ciburuy Situ, Cirebon Square, Sumedang Square, Tasikmalaya Square, Sukabumi Square, Gunung Padang and others. The estimated budget is IDR 1.5 trillion.

    "What was launched from January 2019 is the auction of 40 programs and I will guard them and starting in January 2019 we will evaluate the 2020 budget with e-budgeting so that the trillions of money belonging to the Provincial Government must be truly beneficial to the people of West Java with a technological approach," Emil said.

    Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum admitted, in his leadership with Ridwan Kamil felt that togetherness was very comfortable. This is the basic capital that must be owned by the leader of the couple.

    "Since I was inaugurated until now I feel high togetherness with Kang Emil and is very comfortable," said Uu.

    Both of them give ideas and input each other in making policies and even small things like dress style.

    "Kang Emil often accepts ideas from me. He also gives input to me, including in matters of dress, at the beginning my clothes like that are now millennial," he said.

    Uu is committed for the next 5 years to carry out the mandate of the community.

    "I and Kang Emil will carry out the mandate from the community, indeed it is quite tiring physically different when becoming a regent, but this is a responsibility that must be undertaken," said Uu.

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