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    Ridwan Kamil: Reduce the New Year's Celebration, Let's Muhasabah


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil appealed to the public not to celebrate the excessive new year. Like convoys on the streets that have the potential to disrupt public order and traffic. Especially at the end of the year there were several natural disasters in a number of places.

    "I appeal to reduce the new year's celebrations that are too crowded, we better do reflection," said the Governor who was familiarly called Emil after attending the plenary meeting at the end of the West Java DPRD session on Friday (12/28/18).

    Emil invites the community to do muhasabah and prayer together in mosques. The plan Emil will also spend on New Year's Eve at the Pusdai Mosque in Bandung.

    "I will also do the muhasabah at the Pusdai mosque. Let me invite the community to join," he said.

    However, it does not prohibit people from celebrating the new year. But it must be carried out in good ways. Emil wants conditions in the entire West Java region to be orderly and peaceful.

    "The point is there is no prohibition to rejoice, but there is no need to overdo it. We make West Java this orderly peace and joy at the end of the year in good ways," he hoped.

    The occurrence of a tsunami in the Sunda Strait, Emil guaranteed that conditions in West Java remained safe and under control. However, the community was asked to continue to raise awareness and always monitor the warnings issued by the BMKG.

    "There is also a potential for tsunamis from the past, but if there is no earthquake or far from the active volcano, I think the potential is small, so please be happy but still be vigilant," he said.

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