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    100 Days of West Java Governor and Vice Governor Leadership: Establishing the Foundation for Realizing West Java Inner Born Champion


    BANDUNG-On the 100 days of the leadership of the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil and Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, various new programs have been launched as the starting point for the development of the West Java Inner Champion.
    The programs launched in the span of 100 days from when they were sworn in on Wednesday 5 September 2018 by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the State Palace, touched various layers and needs of the community. Just mention from the start of Jabar Quick Response on humanitarian and social affairs to Jabar Saber Hoax, which answers the needs of citizens for healthy and correct information.
    The West Java Provincial Government held an exhibition related to the 100 working days of the Governor of West Java in the lobby of Gedung Sate Bandung, from December 22, 2018 - January 1 2019. The exhibition was open to the public who wanted to know more about the background, philosophy , until the launch ceremony documentation.
    Head of West Java Secretariat of Public Relations and Protocol, Sonny S Adisudarma, said that the exhibition was one of the means of exposure and socialization to the wider community, in addition to mass media and social media.
    "We want people's curiosity to be answered about these 100-day work programs, and further provide support for all of these programs so that West Java's vision of a Born Champion is quickly achieved," he said at Bandung Sate Building, Thursday (12/27/18) .
    Flashback at the moment of the handover, in his first speech, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil expressed his determination to serve 48 million people in West Java. Kang Emil, the familiar greeting, said that he was a leader for all residents and communities of West Java, and would provide services without any difference.
    "I think the most realistic, if the infrastructure development target is measured within three years not 100 days," he said at Gedung Sate, Thursday (06/09/18). However, because it was a common practice in government administration, Kang Emil and Kang Uu have prepared various programs within 100 working days as Governor and Vice Governor of West Java.
    The 100-day work program prepared by the Governor and Vice Governor of the program includes one village one company, one pesantren village, digital provinces, village heads with coordinated smartphones, Jabar Quick Response, Charity Credit, Women's Schools, Literacy Culture Improvement, and Jabar Masagi - program for the millennial generation.
    On that occasion Emil and Vice Governor UU Ruzhanul Ulum also said that they would continue the program that had been running well which had been built by the Governor and Vice Governor of Ahmad Heryawan-Deddy Mizwar. "I and Mr. Uu will continue what has been good by Mr. Ahmad Heryawan and Mr. Deddy Mizwar, our respect for both of them," he said.
    The vision expressed during the campaign was the realization of West Java Champion physically and mentally. Emil explained, the champion means West Java HR must have the best education and economic competitiveness in the way they will be offered. Whereas the inner being means not only to build physical infrastructure but also to build human beings who are religious, Pancasila, tolerant and competitive.
    "I want to build West Java as the happiest province, West Java ranks 5 under happiness, so we are determined in 5 years to increase the happiness index. Our innovations in Bandung and Tasikmalaya will also be brought to West Java. Anyway, I and Uu will be taken in 5 in the next year, "he stressed.
    Programs launched by the West Java Provincial Government within 100 working days of Governor Ridwan Kamil and Vice Governor Uu Rhuzanul Ulum:
    1. Jabar Quick Response, Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (9/18/18)
    2. Ulama Juara - Release Cadres for Education to Turkey, Gedung Sate, Thursday (10/24/18)
    3. Sadesha (One Village One Hafidz), Bandung Regency, Friday (11/09/18)
    4. Layad Rawat, Cirebon City, Wednesday (11/14/2018)
    5. Ngabaso, Bandung Regency Thursday (11/22/2018).
    6. Mesra Credit (Prosperous Economic Community), Bogor, Tuesday (11/26/18)
    7. Jabar Masagi, Cirebon City, Wednesday night (5/12/18).
    8. Jabar Saber Hoaks, Bandung City, Friday (7/12/18)
    9. Digital Village, Indramayu, Monday (12/10/2018)
    10. One Pesantren One Product (OPOP), Bandung Regency, Wednesday (12/12/18)
    11. Maghrib Mengaji, Sukabumi Thursday (12/13/18)
    12. Street Library (Kolecer - Smart Literacy Box), Bogor City, Saturday (12/15/18)
    13. Candil (Maca Dina Digital Library), Bogor City, Saturday (12/15/18)
    14. Sekoper Cinta (Women's School Reaches Dreams), Bandung, Sunday (12/16/18)
    15. Gurilaps.com market Place for West Java Tourism application 
    16. One Village One Company - Desa Juara, Garut Regency, Thursday (12/12/18).
    17. Tourism Bus Grants, Bandung, Saturday (12/22/18).
    West Java Provincial Government is well aware that the core of all the new programs launched is the great benefits for the people of West Java. These programs are actually designed for long-term benefits. West Java residents also appreciate a number of programs launched and experience the benefits.
    1. Jabar Quick Response (JQR)
    Since its launch on September 18, 2018, Jabar Quick Response has received reports and followed up complaints with the top five highest complaint topics, namely infrastructure, economy, health, social, and education. These two stories represent the typical cases handled by JQR.
    a. Repair of Damaged Houses belonging to Ibu Hindun on Mount Halu KBB
    The JQR team has carried out repairs to the house of Ibu Hindun, an incapable citizen on Mount Halu KBB. Previously, a resident with an Instagram account @kikiarrido reported the presence of a damaged house belonging to Ms. Hindun (48) as a result of being hit by a tree.
    Based on the report, the JQR Team conducted a field survey which then provided assistance for home improvement. Ms. Hindun was very grateful to the Governor of West Java for the assistance provided. At present Ibu Hindun has resettled the house.
    b. Health Assistance to Aki Acin
    The Jabar Quick Response Team provided health assistance to a poor citizen who was usually called Aki Acin (98). During this time, Aki Acin lived alone and was later accommodated by Mr. Ujang Mulyana Sunandar in Pasirhaur village, Bojongkoneng village, Kec. Respond to KBB. Aki Acin has been unable to walk for years, his daily life only lies while holding back the pain he has suffered. The JQR team had brought Aki Acin to RSHS to get treatment, and thank God after a while being treated Aki Acin's condition had improved and was allowed to go home. Kang Mulyana who has been accompanying Aki Acin during the treatment period expressed his gratitude to the JQR and KBB QR Team for the assistance given to Aki Acin.
    According to data as of December 26, 2018, the area that officially formed Jabar Quick Response was Kab. West Bandung and Kab. Sumedang. Other regions that are in the process of forming JQR are Kab. Bandung, Kab. Subang, and Banjar City.
    2. Public Safety Center (PSC) 119 and Nursing Services
    The Nursing Program is one of the programs of the West Java Government in the field of Health by presenting health services that come directly to people's homes. This is one form of effort the West Java provincial government presents promotive and preventive services by presenting government services to residents directly in their homes.
    In Sumedang Regency until December 2018, the incoming telephone number was 177 calls, which were successfully served by 163, telephones were disconnected before being served 14 and the telephony ratio served 92, 1.% "Thank God, the response from the community was good. Now it will be as small as the problems that exist in the community, it can go straight to phone 119. It's easy to remember too, "he told the West Java Public Relations Team on Friday (12/14/18). He said that from the health office and puskesmas continue to socialize about 119.
    The head of the Cirebon City Health Office, Dr. Eddy Sugiarto, said that the community felt helped by the Layad Nursing program, because those who had experienced transportation problems to hospitals were now available at any time. "Based on the responses of the people who entered the Whatsapp number, the people of Cirebon City thanked the Cirebon City Health Office for the Layad Rawat program which is the flagship program of the West Java Provincial Government and was launched on the 100 working days of the Governor of RK," he said on Saturday (12/14/18 )
    3. Friendly Credit
    The West Java Provincial Government launched the Mesra (Prosperous Economic Community) credit program. This loan is provided without interest and without collateral. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurated the credit program in collaboration with Bank BJB at the Jami Al Hikmah Mosque, Jl. Raya Leuwiliang, Cibeber Village, Leuwiliang District, Bogor Regency, Tuesday (11/26/18).
    The implementation of the BJB program is intentionally carried out in places of worship. In addition to improving the welfare of the people, this is an effort by the government to make it easier for the public to obtain microfinance. The community simply comes to the nearest mosque or place of worship.
    Until now, the Mesra program has provided loan access to 78 people with a total distribution of more than Rp 150 million. They came from six locations, namely one temple and five mosques in Bogor Regency. This Mesra Credit will not only be channeled through mosques, but also houses of worship or other religious communities.
    The implementation of the Mesra Credit will be carried out through the collaboration of related religious institutions that have been registered with the Religious Institution Council, as well as active management and have become agents of Laku Pandai. Loan with a loan ceiling of Rp. 500 thousand to Rp.5 million will be given to individuals in the form of groups with a pattern of joint responsibility, in groups of at least 5 people and a maximum of 10 people.
    "This BJB Mesra is different from other types of loans, motivated by social phenomena in the community, especially in regions with minimal access to finance, so that they are entangled in informal loans with very high interest rates," said Bank Director BJB Ahmad Irfan.
    Through this program, BJB will also provide training facilities and microfinance guidance to the community, as one of the conditions for obtaining a friendly loan. Loans are not subject to interest charges and without collateral, only subject to a mild administrative fee with a maximum period of 12 months.
    Maria, a resident of Leuwiliang Bogor in Klenteng, said that she was invited by residents here to join the intimate Bjb credit program to increase knowledge and also increase capital. "I know what debt, accounts receivable and how to calculate my business profits and losses. I will use this intimate credit to raise and manage my business in the canteen, "he said.
    Ade, from Karawang, admitted that after he took part in intimate credit training, he became aware of financial problems for his petrol business and stall. "I thank the Governor and the bank bjb for his loving credit," he said.
    Knowledge about financial management was also felt by Samsul, a clothing trader in Tasik. While Ati, a grocery store trader in Bogor, uses this Mesra bjb because it is unsecured, without interest, and the process is fast.
    4. Digital Village
    Digital Village is the West Java Provincial Government's effort to present technology and information-based appropriate technology to all Javanese people. Gresa, Indramayu fish farmers feel more productive by applying technology to their farms. "Hoping that it can be easier in the future, especially for controlling fish so that it is obedient and equal (quality), so it won't be a bother if there is technology that can be easier and more accurate," he said.
    Previously, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil had launched the Digital Village program in the village of Puntang, Losarang Subdistrict, Indramayu, on Monday (12/10/2018). Digital village is a community empowerment program through the use of digital and internet technology in developing village potential, marketing and accelerating access and information services.
    "Today we show to the world that there are villages in Indramayu that have become national demonstrations of information from manual to digital," said the Governor who is familiarly called Emil.
    Emil revealed, digital villages will be developed in 5,300 villages throughout West Java. Later all public services in the village will be digitalized, connected to wireless networks, have command centers, social media accounts for promotions and news, e-commerce systems and have applications that are in accordance with the character and economic potential of each village.
    "We started an inclusive digital vision to reduce inequality by starting a digital village program whose main economy is in fisheries for Puntang village," he said. Puntang Village has a large fishery potential, especially catfish, with a total pool area of ??22,000 hectares or 25,000 ponds. But having problems in the cultivation process, inadequate technology, the post-harvest process is not optimal and market access is difficult.
    For that, said Emil, through the application of e-Fishery as part of this program, the method of feeding catfish is scientifically regulated in time and amount on mobile farmers. A total of 225 catfish farmers in the village were also given assistance in the form of smartphones. "Later they will use the smartphone as a reference in sowing food," he said.
    In implementing this program, the West Java Provincial Government cooperates with various parties such as cooperation with PT Telkomsel to provide infrastructure and networks, applications from e-Fishery, PT Japfa for the provision of food, Bank BJB for capital assistance and Telkom University which will provide training to residents.
    5. Ngabaso (Ngabring Ka Sakola)
    The Ngabaso Program is a Walking Movement to Schools in groups to create a sense of security and safety for children, when going to school and going home. This program is a manifestation of the seriousness of the West Java Provincial Government on children's rights, namely the right to life, protection rights, and the right to growth and development.
    6. Jabar Masagi
    Jabar Masagi Program is an effort by the West Java Provincial Government to foster West Javanese people who are in harmony with themselves, nature, and all living things to realize the universal values ??entrusted by the Supreme Creator. The students in West Java, through the Jabar Masagi program will learn to feel (Surti / Taste) by respecting human life, Learning to understand (Harti / karsa) by developing reason, learning to do (proof / Copyright) and proving self-behavior, and learning living together (real Bakti / dumadi) devoted to the country, taken by and revive existing local values ??and potential.
    7. Magrib Mengaji
    It is a government program in West Java Province to revive the activities of reciting and studying the Qur'an carried out in all mosques and prayer rooms in West Java and carried out every evening until evening. The aim of this program is to prosper mosques and prayer rooms throughout West Java, fostering love for the Qur'an, eradicating illiteracy in the Koran, children and adolescents having Quranic personality and mentality to avoid moral damage. This program will involve volunteers from BKPRMI West Java, clerics and scholars in West Java as well as students.
    8. Kolecer (Smart Literacy Box)
    The West Java Provincial Government through the Regional Library and Archives Office launched the KOLECER (Smart Literacy Box) program, which is one of the West Java Provincial Government's efforts to improve literacy culture in West Java. The concept of the Library or Library Program on the Street Library is to present a box like a telephone box in the city of London that contains books, which can be borrowed by residents in need. The books available in Kolecer are donated by residents who have the advantages of books that have been read, so that public participation is established in building a literacy culture in West Java.
    9. Candil (Maca Dina Digital Library)
    CANDIL (Maca Dina Digital Library), which is one of the West Java Provincial Government's efforts to improve literacy culture in West Java by using an Android / IOS based application that can be downloaded as of January 2019. Through Candil, the public can read books from smartphones.
    10. Sekoper Cinta
    To reduce divorce and domestic violence rates in West Java, Governor Ridwan Kamil launched the Women's School Program to Achieve Dreams (Sekoper Cinta) in Sabuga, Jl. Tamansari No. 73, Bandung City, Sunday (12/16/18).
    Sekoper Cinta is a place for West Javanese women to exchange knowledge and experience, and is expected to improve the quality of life of women. This is an effort to empower women to realize equality of roles, access, participation, control and benefits between women and men in all fields.
    "Divorce rates are high in West Java because of violence. From the statistical results, I started my position as governor where 29% were exposed to potential stunting. So, their children are malnourished, there are many divorces, "Emil said, the familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil met after the launch event.
    Sekoper Cinta is motivated by the high number of cases of violence against women and children in West Java. Especially in Indramayu, Subang, Cirebon, Kuningan, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Bekasi, Garut, Ciamis, Sumedang, and Depok City. A total of 302 cases of violence in West Java in 2016 (Source: KPPA Symphony Data, 2017).
    In addition, malnutrition in infants also influences the high prevalence of West Java stunting which reaches 29.2%. Especially in 14 districts: Garut, Bogor, Sukabumi, Cianjur, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Kuningan, Cirebon, Sumedang, Indramayu, Subang, Karawang, West Bandung, and Majalengka.
    Regency Cities that are piloting the Sekoper Cinta program:
    1. Mother School, Bogor City
    2. Friday School, Cimahi City
    3. RIUNG PEKKA (Empowering Female Family Heads), Cianjur Regency
    4. Great Women's School, Bandung Regency
    11. Ulama Juara
    Release of Ulama Cadres for Education to Turkey On Thursday, October 24, 2018, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil released seven ulama cadres from West Java to study in Turkey during the West Java Got Information (Japri) program at Gedung Sate. He fully supports every program to improve the quality of human resources in West Java Province. "Moreover, this will create great ulama in the future," he said.
    He admitted, his job as a leader was to prepare new leaders by doing regeneration and transformation. Both as administrative, political and leadership leaders who are religious in nature. In addition to releasing, West Java Province and Baznas will provide financial support, with the hope that it will be enough as a provision for everyday life.
    This program is a collaboration with Ust. Adi Hidayat and focuses on the search for prospective scholars from all over Indonesia. Adi explained that the Turkish Imam Malik Academy will be the destination for 12 students to study for 5 years, to produce scholars. His education will begin with strengthening Arabic, Al-Quran 30 Juz, deepening the Shari'a and will be asked to study the situation in their respective communities.
    "They will study for a year to study languages ??and the Koran and four years to deepen their Shari'a. And especially later for these children, God willing, if for their good achievements we will communicate to finish school until the S-3, "he explained.
    12. One Village One Hafidz Program
    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil officially launched the One Village One Hafidz Program, at Al-Falah Nagreg Islamic Boarding School, Bandung Regency, Friday (11/09/18) night. "Tonight is proud, moved and happy, a historic day in Indonesia, namely the launching of the Satu Desa Satu Hafidz program in West Java, officially began," said Ridwan Kamil, who was familiarly called Emil.
    Emil, as the initiator of the program that he briefly referred to as SADESHA (Satu Desa Satu Hafidz), said, for the first step, his side collaborated with Jamiyyatul Qurra wal Huffazh (JQH) in carrying out the program which was marked by the signing of the cooperation.
    Until the end of December this year, JQH will develop strategic and systematic steps that are realized in the form of Sadesha's program working mechanism. Like doing a Training of Trainer (Tot) first then recruiting prospective hafidz in each village.
    He revealed, the Sadesha program was the forerunner of a big dream of realizing West Java champion's vision and mission of inner and outer birth. The target is that in the next 5 years each village in West Java has at least one Hafidz and then the next Hafidz will be born.
    13. Jabar Saber Hoaks
    Conducivity is an expensive price and a basic foundation for building an area. The West Java Provincial Government made an important effort as a fortress to maintain regional conduciveness through an institution called Jabar Saber Hoaks.
    "The Provincial Government of West Java prepares instruments to fortify the future conduciveness of West Java. "The conducive price is expensive as the basic foundation for building West Java, the Born Birth Champion," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil when launching Jabar Sapu Bersih (Saber) Hoaks in West Hall Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Friday (12/07/18). "The trick is to fight unsettling information that is thought to come from engineering interests," he continued.
    The Jaber Saber Hoaks team will serve as a news verification agency - whether requested or not. Then this team will routinely inform which news is included in the hoax category to the public every week. In addition, the team will invite West Java people to actively participate in becoming a fortress against hoax news.
    Chairman of the Saber Hoaks West Java Team, Enda Nasution, said Jabar Saber Hoaks Team Members are millennials who are experts in the IT field. They also came from the community and journalists. The team of 12 people will use the analyzer and help with software in their work. The team also opened access to coordination with the police.
    "In addition to of course direct confirmation with direct information sources both community and government," he said, who was met after the launch event.
    Hoaks this analyzer is a kind of tool that uses artificial intelligence technology. Through this tool there will be an estimation result or percentage of information analyzed. The public can also verify information through the Whatsapp hotline 08211-8670-700. Can also be through the following social media accounts:
    Facebook: facebook.com/official.jabarsaberhoaks
    Instagram: Instagram.com/jabarsaberhoaks
    Twitter: twitter.com/jabarsaberhoaks
    It was noted that complaints from December 17-23 2018 totaled 5,485 received messages and 143 complaints reports, with 58 complaints reported clarified. The top five hoaxes of the period are KPU Cardboard Boxes; Hei Tayo means "I'm Jewish"; Change of Name of Ministry of Religion; Termination of Public Services for BPJS Health Arrears; 36GB Internet Quota Christmas Bonus.
    14. One Pesantren One Product
    West Java Governor Ridwal Kamil launched the One Product Islamic Boarding School (OPOP) Program, held at the Al Ittifaq Islamic Boarding School in Ciburial Village Alam Endah Village, Rancabali Bandung Regency on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. This program is one of 17 programs to create Pesantren Champion .
    One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) is one of Emil's 100-day work program, the governor's and Uu's nickname. The concept is not much different from the one village program of one company that he promised during the campaign. "The point is that it is equally empowering in the environment of Islamic publicity, especially how the pesantren can be empowered without having to rely on donations from parents of students or the government," Emil said, in Bandung, Tuesday (11/12/18).
    The OPOP program aims to encourage Islamic boarding schools in West Java to be more independent. This program is an effort to empower the community's economy for a societal economy program. The big goal, this program is to develop a societal economy that can erode the gini ratio and reduce urbanization activities.
    "The combination is that both the pesantren or the village will reduce the gini ratio and the imbalance of the remaining villages and cities. Well, it is hoped that this idea will bear fruit on improving village welfare, reducing migration and inequality," Emil said.
    According to him, the OPOP program's inspiration comes from Nurul Islamic Boarding School Faith in the Parung area, Bogor. Where by establishing a bakery can finance the students to study for free.
    "The aim of the OPOP program is to build the independence of pesantren through economic empowerment by helping Islamic boarding schools to choose the best-selling commodities on the market. "The government will provide the necessary training and assistance in production, marketing and financial management," he said.
    Some Islamic boarding schools and their products are piloted:
    1. Nurul Huda Islamic Boarding School, Ciamis (Etawa Goat Milk)
    2. Darul Hidayah Islamic Boarding School, City of Bandung (Limar Lamp)
    3. AlIttifaq Islamic Boarding School, Ciwidey (vegetables and fruit)
    4. Islamic Boarding School As Risalah, Ciamis (Gurame Fish)
    5. Nuril Iman Islamic Boarding School, Parung Kab. Bogor (Processed Food from Agriculture)
    6. At Tawazun Islamic Boarding School, Kalijati Subang (prayer book)
    7. Al Umanaa, Kab. Sukabumi (balado smoked catfish)
    8. Darul Ilmi, Cirebon City (salted egg)
    9. Miftahul Ulum, Kopo Kab. Bandung (custom bags & jeans)
    15. Gurilaps.com
    The West Java Provincial Government through one of its BUMDs, PT Jaswita Jabar presents an application in the form of a tourism service marketplace in West Java, Gurilaps.com.
    Gurilaps application will provide convenience to tourists in choosing tour packages through excellence in the form of ease of reservation, availability of tour packages, best prices, as well as comfort and safety when traveling, because it is accompanied by tour guides or experienced tour companions. All tour packages offered by Gurilaps have also been curated by the Wanadri Cooperative and also protected by insurance from Jasa Raharja Putera.
    As the name implies, Gurilaps (Mountain, Air, Jungle, Sea, Beach and River) comes as "West Java Tourism Gate" which invites tourists to explore West Java's natural wealth with your friends or family.
    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched this application in the series of Gedung Sate Festival events at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Saturday (11/17/18).
    This application can be downloaded on Android or IOS based phones. As the name implies after logging in, which can be done via Facebook or Google, users can explore a variety of choices on mountain, air, jungle, sea, beach and river tours. There are various choices of tour packages to choose from. For example, the tour package "Reveals the Mystery of the Pandora Box" in Sukabumi at a price of Rp. 215,000 / pax for one day in mountain roaming.
    Tourists can also choose the warm rafting package in Pangalengan at a price of IDR 375,000 per person for two days and one night. As a tourism marketplace, there are also various other tour packages at Gurilaps that can be adjusted to the wishes of tourists.
    16. One Village One Company - Champion Village
    Addressing the problem of inequality in West Java, one of which can be sought by exploring the village's potential, and centralizing production to create added value. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said West Java Province alone had 5,312 villages, so it needed a special equity strategy because of its vast territory.
    "These villages must be independent because West Java is the problem of inequality. Because there is no effort, potential, there is no knowledge, the villagers are frustrated, and they move to the city," said the Governor, familiarly called Emil, to the Champion Village the launch of the One Village One Company (OVOC) Program, in Sukalaksana Village, Kab. Garut, Thursday (12/12/18).
    Through the program of one village one company, said Emil, it is expected that the community will remain in the village, by having a job, with the expected income equal to income in the city. Building a village so that it is independent in managing and utilizing village potential, of course, cannot be separated from the neat collaboration between various stakeholders such as the Government, Business Entities, Banking, Higher Education, Professional Associations, and elements of the Community.
    One Village One Company Desa Juara is a program of the Regional Government of West Java Province to achieve the vision of West Java Champion through various principles:
    First, strengthening the Village Government to have the competence and capacity to manage village government administration, village finance and assets, and management of village community services.
    Second, improving the rural economy through the role of BUMDesa so that the village's superior potential is able to be managed and meets banking requirements.
    Finally, through the Village Gate, namely, Increasing the development of village infrastructure in order to be able to generate a rural economy.
    One village that has even rolled out its tourism business is by marketing the Ciburial Tourism Village package to the West Java tourism market application, www.gurilaps.com.
    17. Tourism Bus Grants
    The Regional Government of West Java Province cooperates with Bank BJB, launching the Urban Tourism Bus, which in the first period granted to 13 Regencies / Cities that have tourism potential and diversity. On various occasions, West Java Governor Ridwan KaMiles often mention the identity of West Java Province, which in the next five years wants to become a leading tourism area.
    With a variety of beautiful natural potential ranging from mountains, air, jungle, sea, beach, to the river. For this reason, for the next five years, the Governor stated that he would prepare various infrastructure, especially in tourist sites.
    One of them is by presenting urban tour buses in cities / regencies in West Java, as a supporting facility, in order to improve services to both local and foreign communities in accessing tourist destinations in each region in a comfortable, safe and affordable manner.
    "Today, we end the 100-day work program by showing the tourism side by donating 13 tourism buses. Its inspiration from Bandros Bandung bus, which is in demand by many people, so we make it a provincial program," said Governor Ridwan Kamil, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Saturday (12/22/18). "Next year we add, and it can also be added from each city / regency," he explained.
    For the first period, 13 Regencies / Cities that received this Urban Tourism Bus assistance were Cimahi City, Kabupten Sumedang, Tasikmalaya City, Pangandaran Regency, Garut Regency, Cirebon City, Kuningan Regency, Depok City, Bekasi City, Sukabumi City, Cianjur Regency, Regency Purwakarta, and Tasikmalaya Regency.
    The Urban Tourism Bus is also designed and designed directly by the Governor of West Java by considering the local content and culture of each region and built with construction that makes it easy for tourists to interact with the surrounding environment. (*)

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