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    Not Only Utilizing, 100 Creative Villages in West Java Will Present Preserving Bamboo Trees


    BANDUNG - West Java Province has 56 types of bamboo trees. However, the fact in the field is currently only found 36 types of bamboo. This is because the use of bamboo trees is not balanced with replanting.

    Deputy Governor of Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said West Java has a high potential for bamboo trees. This can be used to improve people's welfare.

    "The potential of bamboo in West Java is very extraordinary. It is located in the district area of ??rural areas. Moreover, West Java is very high rainfall, meaning that the growth of bamboo is also very great, "said Uu, after receiving the Green Lestari Indonesia audience at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Thursday (12/27/18).

    "Therefore, this great potential must be utilized for the welfare of the community, especially the people in the countryside," he added.

    Uu revealed the program of 100 creative villages in accordance with the West Java Born Champion program. Through this program, efforts will be made to utilize local potential as well as preserve it.

    "Now there is a community to use bamboo and also to replant the bamboo. "I am very supportive because in accordance with our West Java program, the Champion is born in it there is one program, one product village," he said.

    This is revealed and underlies the Green Lestari Indonesia (HLI) environment conservation community to preserve bamboo trees while making use of them, so that they have economic value. This program will be rolled out in January 2019 by involving 100 creative villages in West Java.

    "It began with the formation of 100 creative villages as well as the program of the Deputy Governor (West Java) who worked together," said Head of the Indonesian Sustainable Green Development and Planning Division Oki Hikmawan after the audience.

    The program of 100 creative villages is the result of collaboration between HLI and the Office of Environment of West Java Province through Sawala Eco Villlage, West Java Community and Village Empowerment Office, and West Java Industry and Trade Office.

    "Finally, we united the perception to jointly build 100 creative villages in West Java. "This is the flagship program of Baja (Bamboo Champion of West Java)," said Oki.

    Furthermore, Oki added that the program was one form of environmental preservation carried out by HLI, especially on bamboo trees. Bamboo-based craft production is so massive nowadays. But this is not offset by replanting.

    "First we have to contract with friends who produce bamboo, but forget to plant. This is what we have to say, that we are very concerned about the environment, "said Oki, who was met after the meeting.

    "One ecosystem is lost, from 56 bamboo species in West Java we only found 36 in the field. What about spotted bamboo, what about the thorn bamboo that has begun to disappear. Then the original Ater bamboo Subang has also begun to become almost extinct, "he continued.

    This program of 100 creative villages will provide training on utilization as well as bamboo tree cultivation. The training will involve village youth. Until now, there have been four potential villages that are implementing this program, namely in Garut, Majalengka, Kuningan, and Tasikmalaya Regency.

    "So it's not just management but training - how to train village youth to be creative and build a young entrepreneur in the village, then also use it. And the last is planting, "said Oki.

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