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    Public Order Agency and Community Protection Unit are Excellent Resource


    BOGOR-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), acted as Inspector Ceremony on the 66th anniversary of Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) and the 54th anniversary of Community Protection Unit (Satlinmas) in West Java Province 2016, at Tegar Bergman Field, Bogor regency on Tuesday (15/03/16).

    Aher wants the image of Satpol PP and Satlinmas in the society is considered good. Therefore, it’s important to increases quality of human resources for improving the apparatus performance.

    The enforcement regulations should have qualified knowledge. They need to understand the local regulation, and steeped the law. In addition the humanist sense also should be inserted, because they are required to review the plunge in dealing with society which have different characters.

    "Paradigm should be changed that Satpol PP perceived by many people as unqualified resource. Then it different now, that they are turn into excellent resource. In addition to the ability understanding the Local Regulation, Knowledge legislation, it must have strong physical in the form of martial arts skills,” said Aher.

    Related by this moment, Governor say Dirgahayu to the Public Order Agency and Community Protection Unit. He hopes their presence can be creates safe, comfortable, and conducive conditions in West Java.

    It is supported by good and professional performance, then in order to increase the need for a means of supporting its activities, Aher claimed it was willing to review dump trucks provide assistance for a review of the municipalities.

    "On behalf of West Java Provincial Government I would like to say Dirgahayu to the Public Order Agency and Community Protection Unit PP. I hope we can be present West Java in more secure, serene, without any security compromise," said Aher.


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