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    18 thousand West Java Regional Police Personnel Ready to Secure New Year's Eve 2019


    BANDUNG-In an effort to secure a new year's celebration, the West Java Regional Police deployed 18 thousand personnel. They were also supported by the strength of other agencies, such as the TNI, the Transportation Agency, the Health Office, the Civil Service Police Unit, and the Scouts.

    "Safeguarding the new year is incorporated into Operation Lilin Lodaya 2018. There are a total of 23,400 personnel, 18 thousand personnel from the police, 5,200 personnel from the TNI, the rest from other relevant agencies," said West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto, after the end of 2018 release , at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters on Friday (12/28/2018).

    Thousands of these personnel will be focused on maintaining the security and smooth running of community activities during the turn of the year. Crowd places, tourist attractions, and houses of worship become the attention of the police in securing the new year.

    "Alhamdulillah, Christian worship activities at Christmas were going smoothly and safely. Later there will also be Christian activities, both on New Year's Eve and New Year. There will also be crowd activities from the community," he said

    The former South Sumatra Regional Police Chief urged the public not to celebrate the new year excessively, considering that a recent tsunami in the Banten and Lampung regions had occurred. Agung requested that the people of West Java, in particular, pray for the victims of the Sunda Strait tsunami.

    "We are still grieving, we are still concerned about the events in Banten and Lampung. So, I hope the people of West Java for this new year celebration are more focused on praying for the victims. And praying for West Java to be safer, conducive and prosperous," he concluded. (Even)

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