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    2018, West Java Regional Police Revealed 22,421 Cases of Vehicle Theft


    BANDUNG-Throughout 2018, the West Java Regional Police succeeded in revealing 2,421 cases of car theft, 542 of which occurred at dawn. The locations that were targeted by thief were mostly on the home page (753 cases). Then, on public roads (268 cases) and parking lots (192 cases). The mode of using fake keys to tread victim vehicles is still a favorite of the perpetrators.

    "In the case of stealing, the most modus operandi is damage, and the average victim is an entrepreneur," said West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Maryoto, when released in late 2018, at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters on Friday (28 / 12/2018).

    The Kapolda appealed to the people of West Java to reactivate siskamling or patrol at around 22.00 WIB to 05.00 WIB. This time was considered ideal, because based on the disclosure made by the police, cases of car theft occurred in the range of 03.00-06.00 WIB.

    This was done to reduce street crime rates, such as motor vehicle theft (theft), theft by weighting (stealing), and theft by violence (curas).

    "So the people are encouraged to return to active doing siskamling, which starts at 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.," he said

    Meanwhile, from 313 cases of curas, 248 locations were on public roads. Meanwhile, when the perpetrators of curas are in action between 24.00-03.00 with 67 cases. Then, 21.00-24.00 (65 cases) and 18.00-21.00 (49 cases). For the modus operandi, the majority by taking away (155 cases), using sharp weapons (76), and using firearms (19 cases).

    "Enforcement by using decisive and measurable actions greatly influences the suppression of criminal acts of curas," he concluded. (Even)

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