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    Vice Governor Uu Expects Ciawi & Sukamahi Dam to Be Completed Soon


    BOGOR REGENCY - Until now the physical progress of the construction of two dam projects in Bogor Regency, namely the Ciawi Dam has reached 9%. While the Sukamahi dam has reached 15%.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum also hopes that the two dam projects will be completed soon. That was said by Uu when accompanying President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to review the Sukamahi dam project on Jl. South Cikopo, Sukamahi Village, Megamendung District, Bogor Regency, Wednesday (12/26/18).

    "Hopefully the two dams that have been seen will soon be completed with the appointed time," hoped Uu.

    According to Uu, the two dams not only provide benefits to the people of West Java. However, it can also provide a domino effect for residents of the capital city in DKI Jakarta.

    "The presence of these two dams brings benefits not only to the people of West Java, but there is a domino effect for the people of DKI Jakarta," said Uu.

    In addition, Uu also wants the dam to be able to add economic value and become a new tourist spot for people around the dam.

    "With the dam, the people of West Java also get an increased economic value, because a strategic location can be used as a tourist spot by the community," he said.

    Meanwhile, met after reviewing the Sukamahi dam, President Jokowi said that the second dam project which is targeted to be completed in 2019 will be able to reduce the floods which have so far soaked Jakarta by 30%.

    "This (dam) is one of them to anticipate flooding in Jakarta. (Dam) Ciawi and Sukamahi will be able to reduce flooding (Jakarta) to 30%, "said the President.

    However, the President also revealed that to deal with the flood problem, Jakarta needs synergy and must be carried out thoroughly. Therefore prevention measures are not only carried out upstream, but also downstream.

    "Upstream such as the construction of the Sukamahi and Ciawi reservoirs. In the downstream like in Ciliwung, there is a Ciliwung pipeline to BKT (East Flood Canal), making infiltration wells, drainages are cleaned. If everything is done Insya Allah will reduce (flood) a lot," he said.

    Sukamahi Dam has an area of ??46.69 Ha which includes four villages in Bogor Regency, namely Sukamahi Village, Gadog Village, Sukamaju Village, and Sukakarya Village. The progress of physical workmanship as of December 26, 2018 has reached 15% of the planned 14.749% in 2018.

    While the Ciawi Dam has an area of ??76.60 hectares covering four villages in Bogor Regency, namely Gadog Village, Cipayung Village, Kopo Village, and Sukakarya Village. The physical progression per December 26, 2018 has reached 9 percent of the planned 17.44 percent in 2018.

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