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    The President Targets 2024 All Land in West Java Certified


    BOGOR REGENCY - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzahnul Ulum accompanied President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to hand over 4,000 land certificates to the people in the Ball Field, Wates Jaya Village, Cigombong District, Bogor Regency on Wednesday (12/26/18). On this occasion, the President also targets that in the next 2024 all land parcels in West Java will be certified.

    "We hope that in West Java all land in West Java will be certified in 2024," the President said in his speech.

    President Jokowi explained about his government to accelerate land certification for the people. This is because of frequent land disputes throughout Indonesia.

    "Because land disputes are everywhere. Why is there? Because people do not hold the name of the certificate as proof of legal rights to the land owned," said the President.

    "Land disputes consume energy, costs and time," he explained.

    There are 126 million parcels of land throughout Indonesia that must be certified. However, until now only 46 million land parcels have been certified, meaning that there are still 80 million land parcels that have not been certified.

    "Previously, only 500,000 per year were given per year. Last year, Indonesia was five million (land certificates), this year 7 million, next year nine million had to come out," said the President.

    The President advised the people who already had the certificate to be able to take good care of it so it would not be damaged. In addition, the President also invited land certificates to become collateral for loans to banks with the aim of developing business or other productive matters.

    "But I entrusted it, it was calculated, it was calculated that it could not be paid in installments to the bank, if you can't, don't," he ordered.

    The certificate recipients in Cigombong came from Bogor Regency and City, as well as the District and City of Sukabumi. Meanwhile, Deputy Governor Uu said that from the target of 19 million land parcels which must be certified this year, almost all of them have been certified.

    "Today 4,000 certificates are given free of charge and the target in West Java is 19 million more in 2018," Uu said in his welcome speech to President Jokowi.

    "Alhamdulillah, this is almost achieved," he said.

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