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    West Java Provincial Government Assistance For Sunda Strait Tsunami Victims Prepared


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government ensures that it will provide humanitarian assistance to the provinces of Banten and Lampung which were affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami on Saturday (12/22/18).

    West Java Provincial Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa said his party on Sunday (12/23/18) had received a direct order from the West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to prepare assistance sourced from the 2018 West Java Regional Budget.

    "I as the Secretary have received an order from the Governor. Later the surrender and the amount and when, will be delivered directly by the Governor to Banten and Lampung provinces, "he told West Java Public Relations on Tuesday (12/25/2018).

    Based on the order, he had asked the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency to coordinate with the Banten Provincial Government and Lampung regarding the financial administration of the assistance. "In terms of time, it still allows us to provide assistance, there is still time and because of this the nature of disaster emergencies can still be," said the West Java Regional Secretary.

    The plan is that the humanitarian aid funds will be taken from the Unexpected Aid Expenditures for the West Java 2018 Regional Budget, which last week was still IDR 45.5 billion. After providing assistance for the Bogor city tornado disaster of Rp. 5 billion, Iwa ensured that there were still budget slots that could be provided to help disaster victims in the two provinces. "The slot is still there,"

    He also ensured that officials in the BPKAD, Bappeda and several OPDs related to public services did not take longweekend leave for Christmas and New Year 2019 considering there were a number of urgencies that required their staff to be stable at any time in Bandung.

    "In addition to Christmas and New Year, the stages of the presidential election are already underway, we also anticipate disaster information, so standby, friends do not longweekend," said Iwa.

    Previously, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil ensured that in addition to West Java logistical assistance, he would also provide special assistance, such as in the earthquake disasters in Lombok and Palu some time ago.

    "God willing, in the near future the logistical assistance needed will also be sent, because somehow it is very close to West Java, because our neighbors are also," said the Governor.

    Thank you West Java residents

    Pandeglang Regent Irna Narulita thanked the Provincial Government and the West Java community for their willingness to send aid to the affected area. "To the Governor Ridwan Kamil, his assistance is very beneficial for our community," he said at the location of the evacuation of victims of the Sunda Strait disaster on Tuesday (12/25/18) through a video sent by the West Java BPBD Volunteer Team.

    "Pray for us strong, be given health and recover soon, be conducive again and the economy of Pandeglang will soon recover. Thank you, Governor, for his help, volunteers," said Irna.

    BNPB Head of Data, Information and Public Relations Center, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, told reporters on Tuesday (12/25/2018), launching at least 429 people died, 1,485 people injured, 154 people missing, 16,082 people displaced, as a result of the Sunda Strait disaster.

    Material loss data related to the Sunda Strait tsunami also continues to grow. There were 882 damaged houses, 73 damaged houses and 60 damaged stalls. "434 boats and ships were damaged, 24 4-wheeled vehicles were damaged, 41 2-wheeled vehicles were damaged, 1 dock was damaged, and 1 shelter was damaged," continued Sutopo.

    Sutopo said that the area most severely affected by the Sunda Strait tsunami was Pandeglang District.

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