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    Aher Invites Community to Find Solutions Together


    BANDUNG-Responding the severe seasonal flooding in South Bandung area this year, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) invited the Central Government and the community to be more open to find the best solution in handling this disaster.

    "The Central Government in particular always open in discussion to find the best solution for the community. Of course, when the Central Government and the Provincial Government is open to resolve this Citarum issue, so that the society also needs to open properly,” said Aher in South Bandung, on Monday (14/03/16).

    Aher also confirmed that the region impacted the annually flood should not be a settlement. The region could even be 'savior' for South Bandung and surrounding area to be permanently freed from the annual floods. One of them is converted into a retention pond area that will accommodate large amounts of water to prevent the overflow of Citarum spilling everywhere.

    Whatever the solution, the agreement of the government, stakeholders, and the public also needed maturity and consequences. For example, when finally Cieunteung used as retention area, the community should be ready with the land acquisition, because every solution there must be consequences.

    "The region should not be a settlement. But we also do not want to blame the past. Who started it? The most important now is how we consciously together completed the solution to make a retention pond,” said Governor Aher.

    Meanwhile, Bandung Regent Dadang Naser said the floods soak approximately 14 districts in Bandung. The annual flood this year is the biggest flood in the last 10 years.

    It’s unlike with the previous floods were just inundated Cieunteung and Dayeuhkolot. This year, the floods soak other areas such as Banjaran, Pemeungpeuk, Cangkuang, Katapang, Arjasari and a number of other districts.

    In addition, he also stated that it has built as many as 15 post evacuation, plus post community initiatives as much as 36 posts. Some kitchen was spread in the districts Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot, and also districts affected by the floods.

    Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Khofifah Indar Parawansa also attended at these scene. She hopes that there is no shortage of logistics for the flood victims. She wants to share with the parties concerned, in order to serve the logistical problems well.

    Regarding to the retention pond which carried out by Aher, it is an option how the flood problems can be resolved permanently.

    "The governor had been informed that there is a retention lake that had been prepared. There is also a pattern that has been created by the government of Bandung. Is that compensation and so on. Here's my guess would be the options for how the settlement in south Bandung can be spared from the flood,” revealed Minister Khofifah.

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