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    West Java Regional Police DVI Team Assisted Banten Tsunami Victims


    BANDUNG -Biddokkes DVI (Disaster Victim Identification) Team West Java Regional Police sent 6 personnel to support or strengthen the Banten Regional Police DVI team, under the leadership of Kaur Kompol Dr. Ihsan Wahyudi Sp.F.

    The complete strength of the Biddokkes DVI Team in the West Java Regional Police consists of Kompol Dr. M Ihsan Wahyudi, Sp.F. (Kaur Doksik as team coordinator), Penata Dedi Irawandi, S.E. (Paur Keskamtibmas), Bripka Duddy Fuadi (Bamin Kesmapta), Bripka Eko Desuranto, A.Mk., (Bamin Yankes), Bripda M. Luthfi Haryadhi (Bamin Kesmapta) and Bripda Zharfan Athfal Fuadirahman Dili (Mixed Keskamtibmas).

    "The West Java Regional Police Biddokkes DVI Team will carry out relief efforts at the Tsunami Disaster Site that took place in Banten's Pandeglang District to join the DVI Team from the Banten Regional Police," said Kompol Dr. Ihsan Wahyudi to reporters on Monday (12/24/2018).

    The West Java Regional Police Biddokkes DVI team was demoted, equipped with DVI Vehicle ranger, Dokpol vest clothing and individual equipment.

    "In addition, it is equipped with the power of the DVI 2 Kit, 70 pieces of corpse bags and other supporting DVI equipment," he concluded. (Even)

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