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    West Java Regional Police Monitor the 2019 Integrated Christmas and New Year Service Post


    GARUT REGENCY-Kapolda Jabar Inspector General of Police. Agung Budi Maryoto, implemented the Preparedness Apple in the context of the Lodaya 2018 and 2019 New Year Candles Operation, specifically the readiness of the Garut Integrated Limbangan Service Post.

    The West Java Regional Police Chief in this activity acts as the Leader of the Apple. Present on the occasion was Garut Police Chief AKBP Budi Satria Wiguna, S.I.K., Danramil Limbangan Garut, as well as the Ceremony participants totaling 150 people.

    Agung said that the security of Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 was held for 12 days, therefore the West Java Regional Police Chief urged the Polri Members on duty to maintain their physical and health conditions.

    "Increase the vigilance and caution of Personnel when carrying out tasks in the field, do not underestimate," said the Chief of Police in his speech at the Limbangan Square Square in Limbangan District, Garut Regency, Sunday (12/23/2018).

    West Java Regional Police Chief also advised that always be sensitive and anticipating each movement. For this reason, cooperation between all elements of the community is needed to maintain security and order during the 2019 Christmas and New Year holidays.

    "Always proactive, anticipating and sensitive to every movement and involving all elements of society," he concluded. (Even)

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