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    West Java will raise funds to build mosques in Palestine


    BANDUNG - In 2014, the Ajlin Sheikh Mosque in Gaza, Palestine was destroyed because of being bombarded by Israel. Until now the mosque has not been rebuilt, making it difficult for local residents who want to worship.

    Together with the Aman Palestin organization, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also invited all residents of West Java to help our brothers there rebuild their mosques.

    The plan for fundraising will be held at the end of January 2019, together with the launch of the mosque design which was directly designed by Kang Emil, the familiar greeting of Ridwan Kamil.

    "The people (there) now cannot worship, the Friday Prayers are far away. They agreed to help. I finally agreed. I will definitely help with the matter of the mosque, we are designing it," Emil said, after meeting Palestinian Safely in Pakuan Building, Jl . Otto Iskandardinata No. 1, Bandung City, Monday (12/24/18).

    "Hopefully in the months ahead, I will knock on the hearts of West Javanese Muslims in particular or Indonesia, so that finally we can present the Islamic Brotherhood in Gaza," he continued.

    Emil also posted the mosque image design options on his personal Instagram some time ago. The mosque will be equipped with Asmaul Husna ornaments with the shape of a modern building.

    "I gave four choices (which were once on Instagram), it turns out that the Palestinians chose option number two if there was no mistaken dome," Emil said.

    "And the story is about the Asmaul Husna, there is an Islamic decoration, and the form is modern. But still want to have the characteristics of the dome," he said.

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