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    West Java Governor Will Give Special Treatment For Cianjur


    CIANJUR REGENCY-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil will give a special treatment to Cianjur Regency so that he can get up soon. The treatment is in the form of governance, smart city implementation, and integrity.

    According to Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, Cianjur is too special not to be an advanced and good district. Then Emil will provide a special treatment to cure "diseases" that must be cured immediately.

    "So as a coach for the regions, we will carry out special treatment, so that the government and the people of Cianjur will immediately rise again to build Cianjur with productivity, creativity, all positive things," he said in front of officials and thousands of people in Cianjur during Subling Great Mosque, Jl. Siti Jenab, Cianjur Regency, Sunday (12/23/18).

    Emil also invited officials and the people of Cianjur Regency to take a lesson on the events that occurred. Wisdom is the meaning of an event so that humans can learn from what has happened.

    As is known, Cianjur Non-active Regent Irvan Rivano has been named a suspect by the KPK. Irvan was caught in a hand arrest (OTT) operation last week for allegedly abusing educational funds.

    "The wisdom of that power is the test. Whatever in this life is temporary. Tongmang is teasing the power," he ordered.

    For this reason, Emil reminded officials and ASN Cianjur to strengthen their intentions and integrity, as well as the fortress of faith. The duty of officials and ASNs is to serve the community rather than be served by the community.

    In addition, Emil also appealed to officials in Cianjur to come down to embrace the community and maintain regional conduciveness. The West Java Provincial Government will also give special attention to all matters including so that Cianjur will immediately implement smart city technology for government management starting January 2019.

    "I will use technology to solve routine problems that have negative potential. As long as the provincial government, Cianjur will survive and rise quickly," he said.

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