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    Shorten Supply Chain Products For The Cheap Price


    BANDUNG-Fruits and fresh vegetables with premium quality usually sold in supermarkets with higher price. Padjadjaran University has its own strategy in the distribution of premium product to the community by cutting the supply chain.

    Grand launching event held through cooperation with Bank Indonesia and the Research and Development Center Business Incubator (P3IB) Unpad held at Bale Balantik, Cisangkuy 62 Bandung.

    By cutting the supply chain, the products sold in this event can be more affordable. Based on the plan, this event will be held every Sunday in Bale Balantik, so that people can easily get the fresh fruits and vegetables in affordable prices.

    Rector of Padjajaran University, Tri Hanggono convey that this activity is one of the driving elements of sustainable agriculture in food security. "If we strengthen the collaboration with other disciplines, people not only get the superior agricultural products but also values," said Tri Hanggono.

    Rector hopes there is cooperation with other sectors through Pentahelix approach, so that this activity can be more powerful impact on society. Thus, this activity is not just selling high-quality fruits and vegetables.

    "Bale Balantik basically as a showcase where we can learn about trade. Most importantly, we should be able to come in the midst of society,” said Rektor.


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