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    The Right of Reconciliation Concept


    SUBANG - According to General Major Retiree of Indonesian Soldier, Kivlan Zein, the reconciliation against to violations of Human Rights (HAM) since 1945 must be opened to be revealed.

    Kivlan said that the holocaust since 1945 must be revealed. “The victims are expected able to open everything, so that all elements of the nation can forgive each other. The right reconciliation right is not selective,” he said on the sideline activity of defend the state anti-communist movement at the hall of Wisma Karya Building, Subang, West Java, on Thursday night ( 1/10 ).

    That statement was made when he asked to comment about the concept of reconciliation related to victims of G30S/PKI 1965.

    Kivlan questioned why only the victims of the PKI was chosen. While the victim by the PKI was not revealed. "Why only the victims of the PKI was chosen. But the victim by PKI actions was not heeded," he questioned.

    He said that the incident has been ongoing since 1965. He also questioned why not from 1945. As the incidence of RMS, PRRI, DI/TII. "It should all be revealed, because this is a national problem. Do not selective only those people PKI merely,” he added.

    In his speech, Kivlan emphasise on vigilance against an efforts to blurring the historical facts about PKI rebellion in the past.

    Kivlan expressly did not questioned the children who PKI descent to get school, being an officer or do economic.  But the problem is revive the ideology and organisation of Communist Party that have been banned many times because of betray to nation of Indonesia.

    “Now they've assimilated by the Supreme Court decision. There are no longer difference as before. Come on do not be revenge anymore. The children from hero revolution have forgive them anyway,” he said.


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