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    Ridwan Kamil Launches OVOC in Garut


    GARUT - Overcoming the problem of inequality in West Java, one of which can be sought by exploring village potential, and centralizing production to create added value.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said West Java Province alone had 5,312 villages, so it needed a special equity strategy because of its vast territory.

    "These villages must be independent because West Java is the problem of inequality. Because there is no effort, potential, there is no knowledge, the villagers are frustrated, and they move to the city," said the Governor, familiarly called Emil, to the Champion Village Launching of One Village One Company Program (OVOC), in Sukalaksana Village, Kab. Garut, Thursday (12/12/18).

    So with the program of one village one company, said Emil, it is expected that the community will remain in the village, by having a job, with the expected income equal to income in the city.

    Regarding marketing, said the Governor, he has formed an "off-taker forum", or a buyer's forum, to ensure prospective buyers of products produced in the village.

    "After someone has bought it, we will divide it into villages," Emil said.

    That is different from the program initiated by Governor Emil, where the West Java Provincial Government sought the market. If the market already exists, the West Java Provincial Government will find the right village to meet the market needs that have been opened.
    "The planned capital base is Rp. 100 million, then after the company is rolling, enter the real economy, then village companies can develop their businesses even bigger," he said.

    So, through this OVOC, Indonesia's welfare began to be built from Champion villages in West Java. Even this goal must be achieved with the synergy of all parties.

    "This is called the pentahelix theory, there are governments, the private sector, universities, media and society. We will continue to use this theory to build West Java," said the Governor.

    Not only that, Emil also saw the potential existence of higher education institutions, which were also very needed in the success of this program in terms of improving human resources, and implementing technologies that were found by universities in the community.

    "We will challenge alumni-alumni later, milenials universities to want to stay in the village, create a business plant and develop the village," he said.

    One village that has even rolled out its tourism business is by marketing the Ciburial Tourism Village package to the West Java tourism market application, www.gurilaps.com.

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