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    Secretary Iwa Launches One Stop Service Lounge in West Java DPMPTSP


    BANDUNG-Marked by beating drums and ribbon cutting, Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa inaugurated a one stop service lounge room for the West Java Provincial Investment and One-Stop Service Office (DPMPTSP), Jl. Windu No. 26 Bandung, Thursday (12/12/18).

    This DPMPTSP One Stop Service Lounge provides representative service facilities, with additional parking capacity, front office comfort, back office, additional service counters, information, complaints, consultations, lactation rooms, children's play areas and self-service in one area.

    Secretary Iwa said, despite having received various awards and appreciation from relevant ministries / institutions for their success in organizing services, DPMPTSP must continue to innovate and collaborate especially in digitizing services to the public, to improve business convenience and competitiveness of West Java Province.

    Secretary Iwa also appreciated the achievements of DPMPTSP, where currently the method of signing electronically is being developed, and printing permits at the applicant's location directly.

    "Later in addition to the online system also signing electronically, and even in the future will be encouraged so that later the permit can be printed at each applicant's house. This is a remarkable innovation breakthrough," Iwa said after the event.

    "I hope, providing a representative licensing service space also needs to be balanced with digital services that are easy, fast, efficient, and certainly can minimize the potential for abuse of authority," he added.

    Head of the West Java PMPTSP Service, Dadang Mohamad, said that his office would focus on improving the print-out service independently. At present, he said, West Java DPMPTSP still applies the postal delivery method to facilitate the submission of licenses to applicants.

    "We want to try to print out the permit independently. Currently it is still printed in our office, but the applicant does not need to take it here, we send it by post," he said.

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