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    Lodaya Candle Operation 2018, Lower 28,328 Personnel


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, leads the Apple Holds the Operations of Candles for Lodaya 2018, on Jalan Diponegoro Bandung, Thursday (12/20/2018) morning.

    Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that the Apple was carried out to review the readiness of aspects of the personnel, infrastructure, budget, and involvement of the TNI / Polri, also elements of the Regional Government, and other national security elements, as a form of synergy and commitment to create order, security and peaceful, in the celebration of Christmas 2018, and New Year 2019 throughout the Province of West Java.

    The operation will be reduced by approximately 28,328 personnel, with details from the West Java Regional Police as many as 19,279 Personnel, TNI 5,200 personnel, and a combination of Satpol PP, Transportation Agency, Health Office, Jasa Raharja West Java, and other elements as many as 3,849 Personnel.

    While the Security Unit, will be placed in 179 security posts and 39 service posts to provide security for National Security.

    "I hope Operation Lilin Lodaya can run well and smoothly, so that people in general feel the real impact of the security provided," the Governor hoped.

    While this cross-sectoral operation, will last for 12 days, starting December 21, 2018 until January 1, 2019. Operations will be carried out prioritizing pre-emptive and preventive actions supported by intelligence activities, and professional law enforcement.

    The West Java community itself, said Emil, calls the Governor, a religious community and upholds the values ??of spirituality with various cultures, ethnicities, and races in the frame of Pancasila.

    While Pancasila, he continued, gave freedom to the people to celebrate religious holidays. On December 25, 2018, Christians will carry out Christmas festivals in churches and other places, also followed by the New Year's Eve celebration.

    So, there will be a high increase in community mobility, so that the security of the National Security System is maximized.

    "In relation to these activities, the potential for disturbances that are feared include potential traffic jams, speed and traffic accidents, which are detrimental to casualties and material," he said.

    There are also potential violations of public order, conventional crime, SARA problems, destruction, burning of houses of worship, as well as radical terror groups. Plus, extreme weather conditions lately also have the potential for natural disasters, such as landslides and floods.

    Therefore, in the Operational activity which is an annual routine agenda, it needs to be a concern, in equalizing perceptions and shared responsibilities aimed at realizing the safe and conducive implementation of the 2018 Christmas and New Year celebration in the West Java region.

    "I also don't forget, I wish you a happy 2018 Christmas and 2019 New Year, for those who celebrate," said Emil.

    While the West Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector General. Pol. Agung Budi Maryoto, said that Lodaya Candle 2017 is a priority activity and is a Humanitarian Operation.

    "I hope this activity can become a Priority scale in the implementation of the Humanitarian Operation Security which will be held for 12 days starting December 21, 2018 until January 1, 2019." He said.

    In addition, the Regional Police Chief also targets the Lodaya Candles to carry out safeguards during the Christmas and New Year events, as well as maximizing vital objects optimally so that there is no interference or conflict.

    While from the aspect of traffic, the Regional Police Chief targets to reduce the number of traffic accidents. So that it can create a safe and conducive situation in the West Java Region.

    Also present at the ceremony of the Pangdam III / Siliwangi, Chairman of the West Java DPRD along with ranks, Kajati Jabar, West Java Kapengti, and West Java Forkopimda elements, and other elements of National Security.

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