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    Pindad Launches Security System


    BANDUNG-Pindad with its company group, Pindad Global Source and Trading (PGST) in collaboration with Malaysian business partners, AZTI launched the Intrusin Emergency Stop (PIES) Platform or also known as the Guideway Intrusion Detection System (GIDS). PIES is a security system platform in the field of railway transportation to detect human intrusion on the guideway on the LRT / MRT.

    PIES is also a security system on a proven platform with more than 30 years of reliable operational records to detect passenger intrusion disturbances in front of the platform / emplacement rail area. PIES sends a signal to stop the train entering or leaving the station after an intrusion has been detected.

    President Director, Abraham Mose said Pindad - AZTI - PGST will jointly develop and produce PIES in the Pindad production facility to be marketed together by Pindad together with PGST for the MRT and LRT projects.

    "This product will provide protection to users of the LRT / MRT and will provide added value to the railroad management company, with easy operation and adequate financing," Abraham told reporters at the Bandung Pindad office on Wednesday (12/18/2018)

    According to Abraham, PIES functions as a reactive security system compared to Passenger Screen Door (PSD) which is a preventive security system. Another advantage of PIES is that it has proven quality, simple and reliable.

    The Director of Pindad added that launching PIES was a follow-up to the signing of the cooperation agreement. In August 2018, PGST, Pindad and Azti included: creating and developing this system solution to support domestic industries and train and involve domestic human resources, clients, sub-contractors and operators. This PIES platform is the newest product in the industrial sector, especially in the achievement transportation sector. jo

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