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    BPOM RI Destroys Illegal Drugs and Foods Worth IDR 8.1 M


    BANDUNG-BPOM Rl again destroyed ilegaI drugs and food / without marketing authorization and / or that did not meet the security, efficacy and quality requirements in Bandung, after previously doing so in Surabaya.

    Head of BPOM RI, Penny K. Lukito said, 2,045 items of illegal products that were destroyed today were the findings of the results of supervision and repression of violations in the field of medicine and food in the West Java region in 2018 with a value of Rp 8.1 billion.

    "Earlier this week we destroyed drugs and illegal food in Surabaya worth Rp. 10.7 billion and in Bandung the rupiah for illegal drugs and food was valued at Rp. 8.1 billion in 2,045 product items," said Penny, at BPOM Bandung, Thursday (20 / 12).

    According to Penny, the findings which are the results of inspection and repression activities in the production, distribution and health service facilities, including online sales facilities in 2018 are dominated by cosmetic products and illegal traditional medicines, each of 1,071 items (52.35%) illegal cosmetics and 576 item (28.15%) illegal traditional medicine.

    "These illegal cosmetic products contain hazardous substances such as mercury and rhodamine B, while traditional medicines contain medicinal chemicals (BKO) such as Sildenafil Sitrat, Deksamemson and other BKO," he said.

    Penny stated, in addition to cosmetics and traditional medicine, the destroyed products also consisted of 365 drugs which were circulated in illegal facilities (17.89%), 24 illegal food products and containing dangerous ingredients (formalin and borax) (1.17% ), and health supplement products as many as 9 items (0.44%).

    "We emphasize to businesses to comply with standards and regulations related to security aspects, benefits and quality of medicines and food, if the business actor is proven to have committed a violation, we will first develop it so that it can meet the requirements and conditions," he said.

    Penny asserted, if business actors are proven to violate the rules intentionally and continuously violate, we are not reluctant to take action and enforce the law so that violations are given appropriate punishment, as an effort to protect Indonesian people from the circulation of illegal drugs and food which can endanger health and safety

    "BPOM RI continues to be committed to protecting the people of Indonesia from the circulation of illegal drugs and food which can endanger health and safety by increasing cross-sector cooperation with all stakeholders including increasing community participation as intelligent consumers by always" CLICK Check "to ensure packaging in good condition, read the information on the Label, have a Circular License, and not exceed the Expiration period, "he explained.

    And during 2018 BBPOM in Bandung has processed 21 pro-justitia cases with details of 8 cases in the field of medicine, 6 cases in the cosmetics field, 4 cases in the field of traditional medicine, and 3 cases in the food sector. (Parno)

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