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    Bank BJB supports One Village One Company Products


    GARUT-PT Bank Pembangunan Jawa Barat (bank bjb) also supports one of the 100-day West Java programs and is expected to be able to realize and harmonize all programs in the Provincial, Municipal, and District Governments in West Java.

    The West Java Provincial Government launched the Village Champion program "One Village One Company" or OVOC namely a village that is able to independently manage and utilize village potential, to develop villages and empower village communities.

    Bank BJB stated that it was ready to provide support in terms of opening financial / banking access in villages in West Java through BiSA Laku Pandai bjb program as a form of bank bjb participation in increasing financial inclusion in Indonesia, especially in West Java, then bank bjb was present for accelerated access finance with banking products (savings and credit) especially in rural areas.

    At the same time, there was also the signing of the PKB DPLK bank bjb with the Village Service of Garut Regency. The series of activities is a form of support for the West Java Government program, especially in terms of improving the economy of the community through banking, where bank bjb is ready to contribute to One Village One Bank services.

    "Bank BJB as one of the members of the West Java Province TPAKD (Team for Access to Regional Financial Access), is committed to raising the potential for economic improvement in the villages," said Director of Compliance and Risk Management who carried out the duties of Bank Bjb President Director Agus Mulyana after the joint West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil witnessed the signing of the PKS, in Sukalaksana Village, Samarang District, Garut Regency, Thursday (12/20).

    Agus Mulyana explained, bank bjb has always been looking at the economic potential in the villages. It also always strives to harmonize bank bjb business activities with the West Java Provincial Government program through village empowerment products and programs, namely the PESAT bank bjb program for villages.

    "With these products, bank bjb can be present as a bank whose products can be accessed up to administrative areas under the sub-district or village," said Agus Mulyana.

    He further explained, in order to make this program a success, various elements would be involved, both from the government, non-government and the community. Government elements include the Ministry of Home Affairs, Kemendesa PDTT, OJK, West Java Provincial Government through the Leading Sector - Non Leading Sector.

    "In addition to bank bjb, there are also other non-governmental elements such as Private Business Entities, Universities in West Java, and a number of community associations," explained Agus.

    Agus also explained, in the OVOC program, elements of the community were also included. These community elements include community institutions in the village, such as BPD, LPM, RW, PKK, Karang Taruna, Posyandu, and BUMDesa. In addition, there are groups of Artists and Scholars, Elders of traditional villages in West Java, NGOs, Ibeka, to Islamic boarding schools in West Java. Jo

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