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    OJK Optimized Village Owned Enterprises in Garut


    GARUT-Based on the population census conducted by BPS in 2016, Indonesia's population is currently estimated at around 262 million spread across thousands of islands, in urban and rural areas. Of this number, only around 28% understand financial products, while in West Java alone around 38%. That is, of the 100 people in West Java, only about 38 people understand financial services.

    The issue of financial literacy is influenced by access to financial services that have not been evenly distributed, especially in areas far from the city center. To overcome this, President Joko Widodo requested the Financial Services Industry together with the Regional Government to work together to open access to financial services.

    The president's directive was welcomed positively by the Minister of Home Affairs, so that the Radiogram of the Minister of Home Affairs was issued No. No.-900/634 / Keuda about the Regional Head in this case the Governor, Regent and

    The Mayor to establish TPAKD in the Province / Regency / City together with the OJK in the region.

    The Regional Access to Finance Acceleration Team (TPAKD) is a coordination forum between relevant agencies and stakeholders to increase the acceleration of access to finance in the regions in order to encourage regional economic growth and realize a more prosperous society. In West Java, TPAKD was officially formed on March 24, 2016 through the Governor's Decree.

    Continuing the Work Program 2 years earlier, at the beginning of 2018 West Java TPAKD had conducted a plenary meeting with the management and coordinated with the Regional Government to determine the 2018 Work Program. The meeting agreed on 3 (three) Work Programs, namely Optimizing the role of BUMDes through improved status legal entity, the establishment of LKMS / Micro Waqf Banks in Islamic boarding schools and encourage financing of horticulture agriculture through a cluster model.

    "Until December 2018, the three programs have been running and have an impact on the community, including the optimization of BUMDesa," said the Head of OJK of West Java Triana. jo

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