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    Hasan Sadikin Hospital Successfully Takes Whistle On Asep's Throat


    BANDUNG - Asep Yaya (9 years) for two months was suffering from being caught in a throat whistle. Today, the whistle was successfully taken by the RSHS medical team.

    Head of ENT Health Sciences KSM - KL RSHS Lina Lasminingrum said there was no need for major surgery, because it was enough to be taken by inserting a device into the patient's mouth.

    "With this tool inserted into the mouth up to the throat, then clamped and pulled the whistle. "The operation this morning has been successful," he said when met at RSHS on Thursday (12/20).

    He said there was no serious impact experienced by Asep, so it was estimated that he could immediately return home to the West Bandung area.

    Asep's father, named Sobandi, said the whistle was not always swallowed when his son played with his niece. When swallowed, the elderly are taken to the Puskesmas, but cannot be taken.

    "Taken to a hospital in Kota Baru Parahyangan, it also can't because it doesn't look like the whistle. So it's referred to RSHS, "he said.

    "Alhamdulilah, I was successfully appointed. Hopefully I will go to school again, "he added.

    As a result of swallowing a whistle, every time you breathe, you hear a whistle sound like being blown. Asep also became a mockery of his friends at school, so it was not necessary to enter school. He had skipped a month.

    Doctor Lina also urged parents to be careful in giving toys to children. Because the case of a child swallowing a foreign object, such as a coin or jaruk often occurs because it is unattended. jo

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