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    The Convoy Is Not Prohibited, But The Joint Prayer Degree Is Much Better


    BANDUNG - Every night in the turn of the year a huge euphoria of the community welcomes him. Even the action of convoys going around the streets in the urban center will occur. The West Java Regional Police called for the convoy not to be carried out and directed to hold a joint prayer.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said he did not know the exact celebration that should have been avoided during the 2019 New Year commemoration, but that was left entirely to the police.

    "Celebrations that may and may not be specific, but the police will monitor the size of their potential in the field. If there is negative potential, don't be better, but I don't block it. As long as you keep it safe, don't have a collision. "Please consult with the Regional Police," he stressed.

    While the West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Agung Budi said West Java became a crossing when going home and became a tourist destination.

    "Indeed, we welcome the joy of the new year, but prioritizing safety, it would be good as last year, West Java was safe. Last year without a convoy, "he explained after the apple preparedness for Lodaya Candle 2018 in front of Gedung Sate, Thursday (12/20).

    "I still appeal to celebrations better by just praying, rather than being filled with fun," added the police chief.

    He said, for crowds on the highway will be driven away, but for entertainment or public locations it is still permitted and there are hours of restrictions. "This is coordinated with the local territorial apparatus," he said. jo

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