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    Atalia Kamil Introduces a Suitcase of Love to Women's Schools in Indonesia


    JAKARTA - Women's schools are one model of women's empowerment, by developing leadership in fighting for gender equality and inclusiveness. The results of the initiation by the KAPAL Perempuan Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Protection of Indonesian Children.

    The Chairperson of the PKK West Java Province Driving Team and Ambassador of Sekoper Cinta, Atalia Kamil, attended and spoke at the Women's School Seminar and was opened by the Deputy of Community Participation in the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Protection of Indonesian Children, Indra Gunawan, on Tuesday (12/18/18) . He admitted, the presence of the Women's School was an answer related to women's problems in the community by developing their potential and talents.

    "It is hoped that this seminar will become models that will be developed by the government, society and community institutions as a strategic medium-term development effort for 2020-2024 for the Republic of Indonesia KPPA Ministry," he said.

    In West Java itself, the Women's School of Achieving Dreams and Ideas (Sekoper Cinta) was launched by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga), Bandung, Sunday (12/16/18). In front of the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Protection of Indonesian Children, Yohana Yembise, at the National Mother's Day Commemoration series.

    said the initiation of Sekoper Cinta began with anxiety over the issue of human trafficking, violence, child marriage, divorce due to the economy, stunting and maternal mortality.

    "Because West Java is still vulnerable to modern conditions and not modern, rich and poor and remote and urban. That's very far away," he explained.

    Furthermore, the target of the Love Suitcase is women over 18 years old or unmarried, both in urban or rural areas. They will get the same basic model. All related to femininity and ethics.

    "I was a little surprised, so many women can't sew even button holes," he said.

    "Then they also don't know about manners, how personal finance management we need to push. Including family resilience," continued Atalia.

    The stages of the Sekoper Cinta program, said Atalia, established the program guidelines, the making of general learning models and thematic models, the implementation of women's schools in 27 districts / cities, monitoring and evaluation as well as training of trainers (TOT) for volunteers and facilitators.

    Atalia said, actually there are currently several districts / cities in West Java that have implemented women's schools. Like Mother Schools in Bogor City, Friday School in Cimahi City, Pekka Room in Cianjur Regency and Great Women's School in Bandung district.

    "We will conduct a pilot project in two different regions, Cimahi City and West Bandung Regency, precisely in Padalarang Village," he said.

    In addition to Atalia, there are some great women who become speakers. Among them are Muliani Lombok Women's School: Advocacy for Women's Musrenbang, Lian Gogali from Mosintuwu Women's School: Prevention of Conflict and Peace, Nurlina from Pangkep Women's School: Fishermen Women and Solar Power Plants and Eli Setyowati from Gresik Women's School: JKN-RI Monitoring and Service.

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