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    Eri: Accident Cases Can Be Reduced


    BANDUNG - Traffic accidents which have resulted in fatalities in Indonesia, especially in West Java, are still considered high. Based on data from the West Java Regional Police Dirlantas during 2017 the rate of traffic accidents (lakalantas) in West Java is still high, on average 5-6 people die from lacalantas every day.

    Head of Jasa Raharja West Java Branch, Eri Martajaya expects, in the future cases of traffic accidents both single and not accidents involving the community can result in reduced casualties.

    "The main task we serve is to provide compensation for accident victims, but the most important thing is the readiness of the community, we hope the community will take a safe journey," he said.

    According to Eri, to reduce cases of accidents resulting in fatalities, various efforts continue to be made starting from socialization to the community, providing training to drivers to installing signs on all road segments that are prone to accidents.

    "Together with the Department of Transportation and the Police, we conduct socialization, including security posts such as commemoration of holidays including Christmas and New Year," Eri said, at the 58th commander, PT Jasa Raharja at the Raharja Jabar Service Office, Tuesday (18 / 12).

    Eri said, at the 58th anniversary of Jasa Raharja, it would continue to provide and improve services to people who need compensation due to accidents quickly according to the applicable rules.

    "What is certain is that we will provide compensation, with the family including a report from the police, because it is our basis to provide compensation to the victims," ??he said.

    In the 58th anniversary, simultaneously today, Tuesday (18/12) throughout Indonesia, Jasa Raharja conducted a social activity in the form of blood donation carried out in each branch. (Parno)

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