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    BPS Conducted Potential Village in West Java


    BANDUNG - Village development is one of the Government's current priorities as stated in the 3rd Nawacita, namely to build Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening regions and villages within the framework of the village development village implemented to implement Law No.6 of 2014 about the Village and oversee the achievement of the 2015-2019 National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) targets.

    Head of West Java Province Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Dodi Herlando said, referring to the regulation, he had conducted Village Potential Data Collection (Pordes) which is a census activity for all the lowest administrative areas at village / kelurahan level including data collection in sub-districts and cities / districts.

    "Pordes are held three times in 10 years, in 2018 carried out in May 2018 in a census of all villages / kelurahan / transmigration settlement units (UPT), subdistricts and cities / regencies," he said.

    According to Dodi, the government administrative area included in the Data Collection of Village Potential (Pordes) must meet three conditions, namely, having a territory, inhabiting and having a village government and based on Pordes 2018, in West Java there are 5,957 village-level areas, 627 sub-districts and 27 cities / districts.

    "The number of villages in accordance with the 2018 Pordes is 5,312 and 645 villages are 4 or more compared to 2014," said Dodi, at the West Java BPS Office, Monday (12/17). (Parno)

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