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    Secretary Iwa: Election of the Education Council Must Be Right


    BANDUNG, West Java Education Board (DP) Selection 2018-2023 conducted by the Education Office of West Java Province has entered the interview stage.

    Present giving direction, Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, said the screening process of the Education Council must be right and as good as possible, because this is a big step that can be taken to become an indicator of developed countries.

    "Only the best people are elected. I, the Governor, the Deputy Governor cannot intervene," Iwa said at SMAN 20 Bandung, Monday (12/17/18).

    "Of course we want to be an indicator of developed countries, one of the big steps that we have to do can start from the education sector," he continued.

    As many as 44 participants took the test of the Board of Education Members, this stage is the stage after the administrative selection stage. After being selected, the selection team will send 26 registrants to be re-elected by the Governor of West Java. The Governor has strong considerations to subsequently establish 13 selected names.

    Opportunities were opened for all those who were willing to serve and volunteer at the Education Council. These people will be the liaison between the Education Office and the school committee.

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