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    Food Security Revolution, Ridwan Kamil Asks the Region to Submit Food Databases


    BANDUNG - To realize the food security revolution in 2019, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil asked 27 Regencies and Cities to submit a complete database of food conditions to the West Java Provincial Government.

    This is to map problems, solutions and policy making in realizing food independence. The governor requests that the database be submitted no later than January 2019.

    "As of January 2019 we will carry out a food security revolution, ensuring West Java must be self-sufficient for almost 50 million citizens. Without data it will be difficult to make decisions, so our data will wait until January 2019," said the Governor while giving direction at the plenary meeting West Java Food Security Council in Bandung, Monday (12/17/18).

    Governor Ridwan Kamil, who is also the chairman of the West Java Food Security Council, said that from the database it would be known whether the regions could fulfill all their own food needs or have to import from other regions. Through this database, each region will be focused on one food commodity according to its potential. For example, Indramayu Regency will focus on rice products. So that all the basic food needs of the West Java community can be supplied by the area in West Java itself.

    "This is to find out that the area can not meet its own food. After we find out the data will be shared, for example Indramayu focuses on rice, we store cattle in the city, egg in the city so that the basic needs of West Java can be supplied by the West Java region. "explained Emil, his nickname.

    The plan in January 2019 will be held a regional consultation with the Governor and 27 regional heads in West Java to synchronize the food security program in 2019 and 2020. This includes determining the budget allocation for food self-sufficiency.

    "For our budget, we must refer to the database, so in January 2019 the database must be entered because in that month we will have a regional meeting with 27 regional heads and governors," Emil said.

    At the plenary meeting of the Food Security Council attended by heads of food security agencies in 27 districts and cities. The goal is to increase the ability and attention of the government towards conditions, problems and solutions in realizing food security and independence.

    "The meeting this time addresses the strategic issues of food security that occur in West Java so that they can answer problems, one of which is related to Uu No. 41 of 2009 concerning sustainable agricultural land," said Head of West Java Food and Livestock Security Service, Dewi Sartika.

    Then also discussed the regeneration of West Java farmers to realize the vision of the Governor, namely to form champion farmers through the Go Digital Food program.

    "Our agricultural census data is that from 30 million farmers in Indonesia when it has been reduced to 25 million, therefore there must be regeneration of unemployed land use farmers," he said.

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