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    FGII West Java Convey Aspirations Towards of Diversion Management on SMK/SMA


    BANDUNG-Towards on the management diversion of school/vocational school from Regency/City subsequently amended by the Provincial Government, the Indonesian Independent Teachers Federation (FGII) express their aspirations. These aspirations stated by the Chairman of FGII, Iwan Hernawan to the Commission V DPRD West Java, Monday afternoon (14/3).

    The aspirations stated by FGII are the provincial government of West Java and West Java DPRD requested to revise the Regulation on the management education in West Java.

    Secondly, free education for SMA/SMK asked to be realised. For this aspiration, West Java Provincial Government had budgeting operational costs of general secondary education in the budget 2017. With the presence of free education, is expected no more fees and contributions are a burden on both public school students and private school.

    Thirdly, the Provincial Government asked to allocate Repairs Allowance Income (TPP) to improve the welfare of teachers. Fourth, to improve the welfare of honorary teachers of SMA/SMK, Provincial Government has asked allocates grants for teachers.

    Fifth, to increase the competence of teachers, Provincial Government can be budgeted in 2017 for training for non-civil servant teachers. Sixth, to improve the quality of teachers and education personnel, Provincial Government asked to immediately establish educational centres for teachers dan educators in West Java.

    Seventh, Provincial Governmen asked to be able to establish the new SMA/SMK in West Java, at least one school in each sub-district.

    Meanwhile, regarding to the aspirations of Diversion Management on SMA/SMK, Vice-Chairman of West Java Parliament, Abdul Harris Bobihoe in his statement to jabarprov.go.id, said the transfer of education governance under the authority of the Provincial Government has consequences increasingly the amount of budget needed for education.

    "It could be that the current education budget is allocated 20 percent of the volume budget will be depleted to Diversion Management on SMA/SMK,” said Harris. Under these conditions, it is expected sources of income could be increased.



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