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    Pressing the Number of Divorce & Domestic Violence, Governor Emil Launches "Sekoper Cinta"


    BANDUNG - To reduce divorce and domestic violence rates in West Java, Governor Ridwan Kamil with the Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) RI Yohana Susana Yambise launched the Women's School Program to Achieve Dreams and Dreams (Sekoper Cinta) in Sabuga, Jl. Tamansari No. 73, Bandung City, Sunday (12/16/18).

    This launch event is coupled with the women's UKM / expo exhibition and the Child Friendly District / City Festival (KLA). This activity is part of the commemoration of the 90th National Mother's Day Year 2018 held by the Indonesian Ministry of PPPA.

    Love Suitcase is a place for West Javanese women to exchange knowledge and experience, and is expected to improve the quality of life of women. This is an effort to empower women to realize equality of roles, access, participation, control and benefits between women and men in all fields.

    "Divorce rates are high in West Java because of violence. From the statistical results, I started my position as governor where 29% were exposed to potential stunting. So, their children are malnourished, there are many divorces, "Emil said, the familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil met after the launch event.

    "Therefore, an effort has been made in Bandung, Bogor, and by STKS (College of Social Welfare), namely strengthening of married mothers. This family doesn't have a school. Now we make the Women's School where 60% of the material is family science that is not simple, and in Bogor it is proven that it can reduce divorce and reduce domestic violence, "he explained.

    For this reason, Emil said that it requires districts / cities throughout West Java to implement the Love Suitcase. The launch of Sekoper Cinta became a series of quick win 100 working days for the Governor of West Java.

    "Required. The Governor's job is to standardize good things, not only being launched in one / two cities, but will be monitored throughout the region. That's my job, "he explained.

    Cinta Sekoper received appreciation from the Indonesian PPPA Ministry. According to PPPA Minister Yohana Susana Yambise, this program can be a role model for other regions in Indonesia, because it is in line with the ministry's mission to end economic inequality towards women, human trafficking, including domestic violence.

    "I express my appreciation for launching with Sekoper Cinta and this is very much related to our program in 2019," Yohana said in her speech.

    "This answers one of our priority programs, namely ending economic inequality for women and also ending human trafficking, including ending domestic violence," he continued.

    There are 65 million families throughout Indonesia. Children who are part of family members can break the chain of domestic violence and divorce. For this reason, on this occasion Yohana invited us to build a great family to create a strong country.

    "We must strengthen, we try to make our children break the chain of violence against women and the chain of violence in the form of divorce," he said.

    The Love Suitcase is motivated by the high number of cases of violence against women and children in West Java. Especially in Indramayu, Subang, Cirebon, Kuningan, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Bekasi, Garut, Ciamis, Sumedang, and Depok City. A total of 302 cases of violence in West Java in 2016 (Source: KPPA Symphony Data, 2017).

    In addition, malnutrition in infants also influences the high prevalence of West Java stunting which reaches 29.2%. Especially in 14 districts: Garut, Bogor, Sukabumi, Cianjur, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Kuningan, Cirebon, Sumedang, Indramayu, Subang, Karawang, West Bandung, and Majalengka.

    The high divorce in West Java is also the reason for the presence of Sekoper Cinta. There are more than 33 thousand divorce cases caused by economic factors (Source: Kanwil Ministry of Religion, West Java Province, 2017).

    Then the height of child marriage. Especially in Indramayu Regency (1,449), Garut (1,087), Sukabumi (1,154), Cianjur (1,221), Bekasi (1,329), Subang (1,103), and Karawang (1,336), (Source: Kanwil Ministry of Religion, West Java Province, 2017 )

    Another thing is the crime of trafficking in persons / TPPO (human traficking) in West Java. Based on West Java Regional Police records there was an increase in TPPO, which was as many as 52 cases (2017) from 34 cases (2016) or up 52.94%.

    Head of West Java Province Women's Empowerment, Child Protection, and Family Planning (P3AKB) Office, Poppy Sophia Bakur said that the target of the Sekoper Cinta participants was women over the age of 18. Poppy hopes that this program can minimize and even reduce the number data above.

    "If these women have resilience in their families, then they can take advantage of opportunities - both inside and outside their environment and opening access to the economy is expected to decline, "said Poppu, met after the launch event.

    The initial stage of the implementation of the Love Suitcase will be a Training of Trainer (TOT) for facilitators and volunteers. TOT will be facilitated by West Java DP3AKB to champion leaders chosen to represent sub-districts in all districts / cities in West Java. Furthermore, this leader champion will be the main agent for the establishment of Women's Schools at the village / kelurahan level in 27 districts / cities.

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