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    Ridwan Kamil Invites Enfieldter Indonesia to Green Citarum


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY-Whatever our profession, do care through what we like! That was the closing message delivered by Kang Emil, the nickname of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil before the enfield motorcycle community from all over Indonesia.

    Emil, starting the Sunday morning this weekend riding with dozens of enfielders (the typical name of the Royal Enfield motorbike community) from Gedung Sate to the Cikole campground in West Bandung Regency.

    In this place, as a real enfielder, Emil chat with enfielders throughout Indonesia in the framework of The 1st Indonesia Royal Enfield Jamboree. This activity will be held from 15-16 December 2018 with 300 participants enfielders.

    Through the momentum of this jamboree, Emil hopes that there will be benefits achieved, especially works that can be offered to the community. This jamboree is the first step to get that benefit.

    "All the big steps start from small steps, all big dreams start from small steps. We start the jamboree for ourselves, so that one day we continue while providing benefits to the community," Emil said in his remarks at the Royal Enfield Jamboree Indonesia in Cikole, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Sunday morning (12/16/18).

    In this jamboree, as a form of concern for the environment, each participant will plant one tree to support the Harum Citarum program. As Dansatgas Citarum, Emil also invited enfielders to contribute to the Citarum Expo which will be held in January 2019.

    "Therefore, I invite - because based on the Presidential Regulation, I am the Commander of the Citarum Mitigation Task Force. For five years I have the task of how (Citarum) from the dirtiest river to become a clean and beautiful river," Emil said.

    "I invite all who love the environment, while we gather we make a commitment that in West Java focus on reforesting Citarum by the Royal Enfield Indonesia Community. Agree!" he asked, shouting "Agree" to the enfielders.

    At Citarum Expo, all parties are not only from West Java, but all Indonesia who care about Citarum can participate. At this expo we can provide actions, ideas, science, or other things for Citarum.

    "After that, I will make Citarum Expo an action plan for Citarum for the next five years. Because this environment is not the responsibility of the leader, but all who love civilization and human life," Emil said.

    "Whatever our profession, we share it through one that we like," he said.

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